1. @

    Never get underpaid for a sponsorship deal again

    Hey YTtalk community, I want to share a free resource I created. It's a table with anonymous data on how much creators are charging for different brand deals: Currently it shows: 1) amount of $ for the deal 2) number of followers and which social it was posted on 3)...
  2. L

    monetisation help

    If I posted a 5 minute video and my subscriber saw this video 3 times, how can it be counted as 5 minutes or 15 minutes during monetization hours?
  3. P

    Get Monetized With these easy steps

    Getting Monetize on YouTube is not as hard as it is said to be All you need is a good niche and trending video Now the fastest way to get approved for Monetization is to get into YouTube Automation They are currently the latest trend now Don’t know where to start?? I got you!! click here to...
  4. J

    Rejected For Partner Program Three Times! Help!

    Hey guys, I was just rejected for the youtube partner program for the second time yesterday. Meaning I have to wait at least 3 months+... Reason: ''Redirection'' ''Content intended to drive viewers off of YouTube and onto another site.'' And I don't know why. I was hoping I could get some...
  5. H

    Youtube Channel with mixed theme?

    All, I need guidance here on a couple of things. I have created a YouTube channel with the theme of Home and Garden means all indoor, outdoor plants care and propagation, gardening, and everything to do with the home (DIY, home appliance review, tips, tricks, cooking etc..). So far I have...
  6. Leal

    How different is your cpm from your rpm?

    How different are these two from another on average?
  7. Kira1

    Can having a broad spectrum of topics affect my channel getting monetized?

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if diving into different topics on my channel will have an effect on me getting accepted on the monetization program? If I meet the requirements and my channel is in good standing will not having a specific "niche" hurt me and not get me accepted? I don't want to...
  8. M

    Reused content or not

    Hello, Could you please tell me that this creations are reused content or not? It is very helpful to me. links are below
  9. justread

    Subs and watch time difference - Question

    Most of us think about one thing and this is 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours, everyone knows what the reason is :) Since we are approaching 1000 subs mark I thought it will be easy to submit our channel for monetization but turns out that we are around 40% of these 4000 watch hours! In my mind, I...
  10. P

    How do you apply YPP with music oriented channel?

    Hi guys, I have a channel on youtube that's focus on sharing and promoting music, much like those EDM channels but rather small. Now I'm wondering how do this type of channel apply for YPP, because the youtube creator team wants you provide documentation to prove that you have the ownership of...
  11. F

    My monetization disabled

    My monetization was disabled because of new youtube partner policy of not using copyright material regardless i never received claims. They told me you will be able to reapply after a month. did any body faced this temporary disabled monetization would love to know how thing went for you and did...
  12. Ishtiak Ahmed

    I know youtube has it's right to protect it's interest and does not owe us anything. But...

    I know youtube has it's right to protect it's interest and does not owe us anything. But... They could have categorize users in at least three groups. What say you?
  13. C

    Almost $1000 on just 350,000 views???

    Some YouTuber online has been trying to justify their decision to join an MCN. They recently posted a video showing almost $1000 on just 350k views for the month. That is from the dashboard so that is for the ENTIRE channel! That makes NO sense! I know earnings can vary widely but that is TOO...
  14. SeanFace101

    Monetisation Disabled, but its says i have no Adsense.. Why is this?

    I'm not allowed to enable monetisation on my videos due to it says invalid click, which I must have done many years and wen I was just starting out or something. :P So I cant earn money from my channel (or any channel infact I create as its the same google account)... So.. Can I team up with...
  15. SeanFace101

    How do i add the MCN ads to my video(s)?

    So I just had a look at this MCN website "Music Nations" and it looks good (well, its the first one ive seen too lol) :P It says they offer 60% revenue share. I need to have at least 50 views per day on my channel first before I sign up so I need to wait a little while for now but I'm wondering...
  16. SeanFace101

    There Is A Google Ad In My Video! (There shouldnt be)

    So I clicked on one of my videos just there to get the link for it so I could share it and wen the video was playing I noticed that a Google Ad came up through it in the video. But y is this if I don't have ads turned on for my channel as my monetization is disable / not allowed. Any know?
  17. GooberVlogs

    How Long Before You Reached $100

    If you didn't know already... adsense pays monthly and you must reach $100 in order to get check or direct deposit .... How long did it take you to reach that $100 and when you did how happy were you :) How far are you from getting $100 for the first time?? I have about $83 before I reach $100...
  18. GooberVlogs

    Do You Monetize EVERY video

    Do you guys monetize every single video you upload... I have a few comedy sketches that I did but have not uploaded yet because sometimes the free music just don't cut it.....I will have a song in mind and think to myself.. that would be the perfect theme to a sketch.. but you know copyrights =(...
  19. A

    I find why we have low ctr and low page rpm

    i find problems on chrome browser and firefox too that the Yellow line of ad shown in the first video and dosent appear any ads ,, unlike IE browser all ads appear IS THIS TRUE ??????