Youtube Channel with mixed theme?


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I need guidance here on a couple of things.

I have created a YouTube channel with the theme of Home and Garden means all indoor, outdoor plants care and propagation, gardening, and everything to do with the home (DIY, home appliance review, tips, tricks, cooking etc..).

So far I have started videos with indoor, outdoor plants care and propagation, gardening etc.. but subscribers are slowing adding up. If I add other videos like DIY, home appliance review, tips, tricks, cooking etc..), is it going to disappoint existing subscribers and they might leave? Is it ok to mix home and garden related videos into a single channel or it’s confusing and people might not subscribe due to a mix of two themes?

The goal of the channel is to help the community and also benefit financially by monetising the content.

My channel is here for your reference.

Appreciate your suggestions.
Welcome to the forum. Looks like you answered your own question, in the long run it's better to stick to fewer topics so your audience knows what to expect, on the other hand you may get bored & want to switch things up without making multiple channels= good news is it's possible = you can still make videos about plants but with more information of your current interest, say how to build a shelf or what are the best spots to put a plant in a room.
I think you should be fine to touch on more topics.
Example, a channel I watch about gardening is "Self sufficient me". most of his channel is about gardening, but he also touches on raising chickens and ducks.
In the marketing world, these different topics would sort of be called verticals.

ExtraCredits, another youtube channel, has verticals covering topics about gaming development, gaming animation, gaming reviews and also just history, like world history nothing to do with gaming even though it's a "gaming" related channel.
It's easier to have multiple verticals on one channel when you have a larger audience but it definitely can work.
Upload the new content for a few weeks, check out your stats. if overall numbers are going down then maybe your audience is not here for both topics.

I have a feeling the people who are gardening and the people who like DIY projects have a lot of overlap (I know cause im in both groups, though i don't really cook)

Really i think the catch all term for this would be "homesteading". an the fact that there's a catch all term sort of makes it clear that this is a community with a lot of overlapping interest
Personally - I don't recommend having multiple channels if you have less than 5,000 active subs on your biggest channel unless if the topics are completely unrelated.