Never get underpaid for a sponsorship deal again


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Hey YTtalk community,

I want to share a free resource I created. It's a table with anonymous data on how much creators are charging for different brand deals:

Currently it shows: 1) amount of $ for the deal 2) number of followers and which social it was posted on 3) category of content 4) main locale of the audience 5) how recent the deal was.
The data is crowd sourced and completely anonymous.

Staying informed in how much sponsorships cost can be key in making sure one doesn't get paid below market value for their brand deal. In the tech industry a similar resource already exists and I've found it quite useful when job hopping, so I thought this should exists for the community of creatives as well.

New data points are welcome and extremely helpful to others in calibrating how much to charge for brand deals. Do consider contributing anonymously please. :)

The tool is completely free and I am open to any feedback as well.

Kind regards,

Sharing a small plot of the current data of the average sponsorship deal amount (in USD) per number of followers.
Take it with a huge grain of salt as it's a plot of a small amount of data. Nevertheless thought it might be interesting.