1. Maxim Malakjan

    Gaming German Gaming

    Looking for some people to play with. German-speaking people preffered. Minecraft Overwatch Doom Titanfall2 PlayerGround Unknown
  2. Rexor_Minecraft

    Gaming 12K+ YouTuber - Looking For Partners To Collaborate With!

    Hey, whats up guys! It's your boy Rexor here, and today I am looking for a bunch of people interested in collaborations with gaming, I play Rocket League, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, CS:GO. channel: youtube,com/c/rexor5 discord username: Rexor#4079 discord server: discord,gg/T7tjWEz I'm...
  3. Kittory

    Gaming Looking for friends to play video games with :D (Closed)

    Hello! I've decided to finally actually start uploading videos on my channel, so my next problem is a lack of friends. I play a lot of Minecraft, but there are a couple problems with my multiplayer on it. I also have Who's Your Daddy, ARK, and Golf With Your Friends, plus a few other games. I...
  4. jacksback

    Gaming Looking for People to make videos with (PS4)

    Hi, My name is jack im 15 and im looking for people to make videos with around my age. I currently have 470 subscribers and im looking for fun, light hearted people. Requirements - 1. around my age (15) 2. have over 100 subsribers 3. ready to hustle 4. have a ps4 5. my games are black ops 3...
  5. Minecraftreaperful

    Gaming Looking for a YT Gaming Group (Gmod/Minecraft)

    Hey ive already got one person but he doesnt have GMod and ive been really into it lately and have wanted to expand on it the requirements are be at least 16+ not be racist at all have Gmod and minecraft be able to play on mineplex hypixel and others and have a sense of humor Contact...
  6. LuCyan

    Services Cheap Graphics - GFX,Thumbnails

    A GFX will be done in 24 hours max. - GFX = $1 Make sure to reply to this thread if you are interested.
  7. Abdullahx9000

    Gaming Looking for FUN on PC.

    Hello there! I am Abdullahx9000, 16 years old, full of energy and laughs a lot. I only play games for fun and don't really care about Copetetive or ranked play. I have around 550 subscribers and growing pretty fast. The games I record are: Rainbow Six Siege MineCraft OverWatch PayDay 2 Minimum...
  8. Jaise

    Gaming Expanding Gaming Crew (PC Only)

    I've been recording gaming content over the last couple of weeks to get a backlog for a future slate of uploads, but for the amount I need, my current crew is usually too busy to compensate for it. (It's not their fault. Different time zones and work get in the way.) I want to expand to a...
  9. D

    Gaming Colab?

    My channel is: DPT DanielPlayz C and P Into Youtube I will record minecraft and other games with people that have 50+ subscribers and 14 years old +
  10. Nivolt

    Request Profile Picture and Banner [Free]

    Hey! I have 800 subscribers on YouTube and am looking for new channel art...I would like a Profile Picture and Banner for my Channel. My Channel name is "OC Nivolt". It will be the first one on YouTube. If you can help I would really appreciate it!
  11. Z

    Gaming Looking for some people to collab with

    Hi! I'm looking for people who would like to make videos with me on PS4 and PC On Ps4 for games i have are: Need for speed rivals, Rocket league, Minecraft, Uncharted 4, watch dogs, terraria , and Dying light. On PC:Bo2, Garrys mod, StarMade, Unturned, CS GO, Minecraft, and team fortress 2...
  12. Chikara

    Gaming Minecraft PC [1K SUBS]

    hit me up with a comment on yt if you want to be featured in a video, I'll get u a couple of subs in return for some pvp action :P
  13. E

    Gaming Minecraft videos

    Hi looking for people how wants to play and record on an SMP. we have everything done just need some more people to record with. to join you must have discord since we need to plan when to record and stuff. since you cant put links on here pm me on discord to join the fun EmzzyPemzzy#9786
  14. alilouk

    Gaming Looking For Gamers For A New Brand!

    Hello guys! My name is Alilouk. I am the CEO and founder of TGW (The gaming warehouse) . TGW is a worldwide gaming team which serves as a safe haven for many gamers and content creators who aspire to become better at what they do. TGW has started off as a Faction on a Minecraft server but is...
  15. ZarMC

    Gaming Need Minecraft Recording Buddy

    Hello, I am in need of a new recording buddy I am 13 and I play Miunecraft and CS:GO But I am trying to focus on Minecraft. No requirements (I prefer someone around my age) except for a good microphone. Skype: saucyboss2029
  16. PersonalMint

    Gaming Minecraft // Star Wars // GTA V // Watch Dogs 2. (Basically a lot of games) PC

    Hello.. I'm in need of a new collaborator in truth. I am around the age of 13-15. Basic Information: *My channel is mainly based around MC and Star Wars content. Minecraft: I'm looking towards completing my first map with the help of *you* I've got friends working on the project already but...
  17. KevinDoesGaming

    Gaming [Hypixel Skywars Collab]

    Hello! I would like to make a collaboration at some point with a minecraft YouTuber that has 100 or more subscribers. If hypixel skywars doesn't fancy you we could possibly agree on something that suits the both of us! You will need 100 or more subscribers, people that actively view your...
  18. Bammer213

    Gaming PC Collabs

    Hey all! I am new to YouTube and am looking for someone to collab with. I'd prefer someone around my age (16) and in the US. If you live somewhere we might be able to work something out. I only have 5 subs atm but I've only posted 10 vids. I've only done minecraft so far but am willing to...
  19. Gaming Gerry

    Gaming Looking for Collab Recorders and Streamers 300+ Subs

    If you're reading this then you made a smart choice. I'm looking for people who have the free time to really get into a recording or a stream. Requirements: Must have mic 16+ in Age Games Available: Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 Gmod Golf with friends Minecraft etc. (Will say If I have them or not, and...
  20. JTRedEye26

    Gaming Looking For Members To Start A Collaboration Group

    Hello my name is Jacob and I'm a vary tiny microscopic YouTuber of only 35 subscribers. I've been posting daily for a week now and am planing to continue with that from here on out. I think the fastest way to grow would be to record with multiple people because it spices up your videos and it...
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