1. Heizenblog

    Minecraft - Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Episode 04 of this lets play series is now available, check it out and let me know what you think.
  2. LeroySays

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Minecraft Youtubers/Helpers to collab with

    Hello there I've started a Minecraft Survival Series I'm at Episode 2 now and my GOAL Is to go all the way to 300+ episode if you want to collab or just want to help out making content and be in the video etc let me know there is currently only 4 spots left since I've got a private server with...
  3. CookieCutter

    4000 subscribers

    i got 4k subs and there is a special video on my channel to celebrate
  4. U

    Gaming Deleted

  5. S

    Gaming Minecraft PC Gamers making Youtube group

    Hey Guys Thanks For Clicking On My Thread :D This is only for Minecraft Gamers Only That Are Willing To Play Any Server. We Will Vote Or Something What Videos We Will Make But There Is Some Requirements. 10 Subs Or More No Cursing 10+ Or Older Minecraft Discord Mic Decent Quality Discord...
  6. Battlefield

    Gaming Minecraft gamin team (130K Subs) [NO REQUIREMENTS]

    We have almost 130k subscribers and we are looking for youtubers to collab with we are looking for people who have enough experince in Minecraft Requirements : -You should be older than 15 -You should have more than 500 subscribers * If you own your own servers there is no REQUIREMENTS If you...
  7. Sibernethy

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers that know what they're doing (500+ subs) (PC) (High-quality)

    Hi there! I've noticed that when looking for collaborations, one of two groups are dominant here: new Youtubers and big Youtubers. But what about the intermediates like me? People who have an audience but are still working towards their first 1000 where the magical pot of proverbial gold is and...
  8. Vimiks

    Grow Your Minecraft Youtube Channel FAST

    Yo guys! My name is Vimiks and I’m going to be teaching you how to grow your channel and create a community quickly of 1,000 or more viewers. In this forum post, I’ll be leaving notes from the video about converting the server player base to subscribers, establishing your dominance as the main...
  9. Bellum1234

    Gaming Looking for some Minecraft Gamers for Vanilla Survival Series!

    Hey Guys and Gals! My name is Bellum1234 and I do a bit of Youtube myself Looking to possibly do some vanilla minecraft with some people in a new Survival series! I think it'd be awesome to collab with a good bunch of new people and hopefully make some awesome connections in the process. If you...
  10. S

    Gaming A Small Group of Youtubers To Collab With

    Hi there My name is Stupidpendous & I'm a very small Youtuber & i was wondering if any other Youtubers want to create a series or something like that. The Games I Play Now: Minecraft, Terraria, GMod Games i'm Planing to Play: The Forest, PUBG, COD WW2, More GMod, Modded Minecraft Games I've been...
  11. L

    Gaming Looking to get back into YouTube

    Hi, My channel's name is name is Luke.M16 (You have to go look it up on YouTube if you want to see it) I haven't posted in a while and I deleted all of my videos so I'm basically starting at square one I am looking for some people to collab with and play games with. Games I have: Gmod CS:GO...
  12. Silent

    Gaming Minecraft Vanilla Survival Series Collab.

    Hey all! Im looking for people to join me and my close friend on my survival series server. We are just playing to see what we can make of the world, and see what we can build. We are about 8 episodes in so far and havent beaten the dragon yet. We plan on having events like a Purge, and we like...
  13. G

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Group PC/PS4

    I mostly looking for gamers who play games pc wise like Sims4, Garry's Mod, Minecraft, and horror games like Fnaf, Bendy and the ink machine, Tattletail...But play ps4 games like GTA5, Overwatch, Call of Duty. ***But mostly a Sims 4 and Garry's Mod and Minecraft Gamer.. must be 20+***
  14. Scooter

    Gaming Starting a small gaming group!

    Hello! As of now, im looking for more people to play with! Any age as long as you upload good content. I mainly play: Minecraft TF2 BF1 Borderlands 2 CS:GO Overwatch Check out my channel if you want, i have an old channel of 132 subs and started fresh. Discord: Scooty#2672 Hmu if your...
  15. T

    Gaming Collab Minecraft and other games!

    Hey! im looking to collab minecraft modpacks and maybe some other games too if anyone's interested my discord is thewaynester#9656
  16. Remaker

    Gaming Looking for ps4 Gaming youtubers to play Minecraft/cod Bo3,Etc

    Im looking for some people Under the age of 18 to make youtube videos with nt acc may say im an adult but my parents set it up. Anyway we will be playing Ps4 Minecraft Cod Bo3 Paladins and some other games But i focus on minecraft on my channel Requirements: 20+ Subs Under 18 years old Have a...
  17. F

    600+ subs!

    Been creating Minecraft videos actively for just over 6 months and I hit 600 subs in September! Pretty excited to see my community growing! :D
  18. T

    Gaming collab minecraft and other games

    i want to collab with someone regularly on minecraft modpacks and any other games as well and maybe live stream some games too!
  19. P

    Pokemon top video ideas

    Hi everyone thanks for coming to this thread/forum, so I am a very small youtuber (50+) subs. Anyways I need some help... So I make pokemon videos (obviously) and I need some video ideas. Top 10 video ideas would be awesome but I can do anything. Thanks for the help :D
  20. MG001

    Gaming Looking for gaming youtubers to collab with (250+ Subscribers) (Any Age) (I record mostly Minecraft)

    So basically I record gaming videos and sometimes vlogs but mainly gaming and my preferred games are Minecraft and Roblox. Also, you need to have at least 250 subscribers to collab with me! Any age can collab with me!
  21. Mr Patriotic

    Gaming PC Gameplay Collab! Variety of Games, MC plus any others!

    Sup peeps, My names Sam, Im 17 and play a bunch of games! I Run a youtube channel and have 323 subs (at the time of writing this!) I am growing by 1-3 a day, and am looking for a youtuber to collab with. Only requirements are you must have 250+ subs, otherwise, there is no point for me! You...
  22. G

    Gaming Kid friendly minecraft servers collab with discord.

    I'm looking for someone to play minecraft servers (Hypixel) with me and have fun. We could also play overwatch and star wars battle front. It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have and we'll be using discord. No swearing. I don't care about gender as long you are in the age range of 10-14?