1. AnnoyingBushYT

    Gaming I want to do a collab with people 13-15 years old.

    I am bush and can play Fortnite, Gorilla Tag, Among Us, Roblox, Minecraft, Vr Chat, or Rec Room. No specifics, just want to grow my own and others YouTube channel.
  2. tocsnipezz

    Comedy #crushes #love #tiktok #meme #funny

  3. ChikosoTALK

    Gaming My newest video

    Please check it out, it's a meme about speed running videos that's why it's not at good quality (no excuse)
  4. josephnorwood0


    Found a new meme channel. Very 2005, but yet very 2020. Good s**t, a lot of variety. give em love! :mstickle::mstickle::mstickle::mstickle::mstickle: Broducts
  5. Anavultus

    Gaming Looking for Third Member in Gaming Live-stream/ Podcast

    I am the co-host of a long-running weekly podcast which is currently called the Anavultus and Mourad Podcast; I run this podcast with my co-host Mourad Afassi. This podcast consists largely of gaming, but also includes artistic pursuits and deep discussions of current issues (anything can...
  6. Gits and Shiggles

    Video Variety and Channel Type

    Hello all, I was wondering what type of content works best on my channel, I upload longer videos and also short memes. Do ya'll think that both can exist together on the channel, or should I just stick to one? Thanks for your help and feedback! Channel...
  7. illya__v

    my Spoken Word Poetry playlist (4 scientific poems)

    Hello all, I created a playlist of 4 spoken word poems I made and I'd like to share the link here. The playlist description is, 'Scientific and philosophical poetry that delves into the biology and psyche of humanity.' Thanks for checking it out! Titles: Architecture of Culture Memetic...
  8. GucciCarry

    Gaming Looking For Funny Youtubers (PC)

    Hello! I'm looking to find some funny youtubers that my friends and I can record with. I currently have 2 channels. One channel has over 3.4k subscribers and the other one which I post funny stuff has around 170. I'm only looking for people who seriously want to grow on Youtube. If you post...
  9. FrenchiseGaming


    Thanks for watching and pleases if you enjoyed Subscribe! And how're yall liking Season 5?
  10. FrenchiseGaming

    FORTNUT.exe Is 2 EZ

    Feel free to leave feedback and hopefully you enjoy it! And if you do, like and subscribe, please! Appreciate you all!
  11. Courtney Candice

    Best memes from 2017

    Here is me reanacting the best memes from 2017!
  12. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme part two

    In this video I reenact my favorite memes and the most popular memes.
  13. J

    Looking for funny collaborators

    I have an instagram acct @aroused_koala that grew from 177 followers when i started my projects 2 1/2 weeks ago now to 3200. Looking to grow a comedy channel open to new ideas to mutually benefit everyone in the collab. Msg me if your either in the CT area or you want to work together between...
  14. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme

  15. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme part 2

    I reanacted memes
  16. Courtney Candice

    Becoming a meme

  17. XenithDragon

    Mr Sandman, Bring me a meme

    Here is a short little CSGO kill montage I made with the trap remix of Mr. Sandman, sorry its a bit jumpy, im still trying to improve at this kind of stuff lol
  18. Rolz

    Guessing Anime with Memes???

    Hey guys, if you enjoy anime and memes then check out my latest video! If you enjoy anything anime or tech related be sure to check out my channel :) Thank you and thanks for watching! :bounce: Help me reach my goal of 200 subs! :bounce: :help:
  19. Gene Livingston


    Hey guys!! Check out the video on the Spongebob Meme that has been blowing up Social Medias this past week!! If you guys like the video, let me know! Would love to collab with you guys! Still trying to figure out my niche, hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed it!
  20. DeliciousCrackers

    Review this weird water commercial vid

    Hey guys, pls take time to review our latest video and nitpick if possible!!! Thank you for your time! (don't be afraid to be brutally honest)
  21. D

    Am I funny?

    I wanted to share this vid and hear your opinions on my content... I know the audio is garbage but I'm curious to know if you find my humor funny and in general any advice you can give me. thanks!
  22. DeliciousCrackers

    Please review my first vid

    Hey guys crackers here with another single upload. Im heavily influenced by filthy frank, idubbz, and maxmoefoe, and their radical comedy videos. So i decided to make something of my own. here's the first vid If possible review the memes, and state what you liked and didn't. Honest feedback...
  23. Tac0cann0n

    BROKENFIELD 1 | Battlefield 1 Highlights

    This is the first video that I have made while playing Battlefield 1, and I put a lot of time into editing it together and making it the way I wanted it. Hope you enjoy!
  24. McMeme Sandwhich

    Request Banner FREE PLEASE

    Im a starting meme youtube channel and I've made a profile pic, so I need a banner which says McMeme Sandwhich with memes and i just want memes and a sandwhich.
  25. SheepDreams


    Hello it's Sheepy! Ever wanted to make a video and you're like that sounds really cool but wait I don't have friends....what that's just me? Well anyways calling to all those that weren't meant to be legends! If you game and you got some kind of sense of humor well you came to the right post...
  26. Surrendead

    League of Legends Meets Tilt Squad

    hope you guys like these edited compilation comedy clips as much as the overwatch one! let me know what you guys think :)
  27. Surrendead

    Overwatch Meets Call of Duty

    Hope you guys enjoy this short compilation of memes/edited clips, also let me know what you think, all feedback is appreciated!
  28. Livid

    Comedy Dank Meme Lords Collab

    I'm looking for a group of people who enjoy Memes as much as I do to brainstorm with each other create really dank content and stuff like that. My Channel isnt only for uploading Memes but I think memes are hilarious I love them and I think it would be really really cool to get together like In...
  29. JU2TIN

    Channel & Video Feedback

    Okay, so my videos aren't impressing in the slightest. Some people find them funny, however others do not. I'm just looking to see if my terrible and unoriginal "content" actually gets people to chuckle. Check my playlists, there are some unlisted videos in there. I can take all forms of...