1. 42Blazing

    Gaming Necropolis And Unturned Collab

    Looking for people to play and record Necropolis and unturned with. I dont care how many subs you have you just gotta be fun so i can get some of them high quality funny moments!!
  2. 42Blazing


    We will play games such as Overwatch, Black Ops 3, Doom , Rainbow Six Siege, Gta V, and much more!! Only requirement is to be funny and have skype. Hit me up m9's!
  3. 42Blazing

    Gaming DANK PS4 COLLAB GROUP (Overwatch,Doom,And More)

    Hello m9's looking for fun and funny people for a ps4 collaboration group. We will play games such as Overwatch, Doom, Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, Cory In The House Simulator, and much more. Only requirement is to be DANK. PSN: jake_0227 Youtube: 42blazing Skype...
  4. 42Blazing

    Gaming Or Town Of Salem Collaboration

    Hello m80's my name is 42Blazing and I'm looking for some funny youtubers to play Town Of Salem or with. I don't care how many subscribers you have.
  5. 42Blazing


    We can play Town Of Salem or it'd be cool to do a react or rant commentary video. I have other games so just tell me what you have!!
  6. 42Blazing

    Gaming Recruiting DANK Youtubers For A PC Collab Group!!

    Looking for some noice m80's for our group we have 4 people so far and are looking for more. We will play games such as Gmod, CS:GO , Cory in the house simulator , and much much more. Steam:42blazing
  7. Morfe


    Yo what up you wankers. My name is Morfe (also known as Dank Memes Master 9001) and I looking to start the dankest gaming group around. The purpose of this group is to a group of people to consistently play games with and grow together. I don't care about subs, I care about personality, quality...
  8. SheepDreams


    Like fancy colors and dank memes well this is the video for you :P
  9. illusima

    Gaming YoutubeGG - Building a Community

    Hello guys! My name is Brandon but i go my illusima. I am currently in a group called YoutubeGG, it's a new group that was recently made Currently in the group - illusima - MurpyDerp - Onistar(Founder) ---------------------------------- We have an ARK: Survival Evolved server that we will...
  10. Ikstuarpok

    Gaming Looking to Start Multi-person Gaming Channel/Podcast

    VIDEO GAMES. AM I RIGHT? Of course I am. I'm ALWAYS right* So what does that mean, for you guys? Well... It means it's time to play video games so that other people can enjoy them, and talk about them so others can enjoy conversations regarding them! And how do we do that? MAGIC YOUTUBE! Yes...
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