1. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Any PS4 Infinate warefare Zombie Youtubers/Steam PC gamers?

    Hi, Just looking to create a group of zombie youtubers on PS4 There's currently 2 of us. No actual requirements, just people looking to grow their channel but at least be 18+ Also looking to play games like: - Dead by daylight - Garrys Mod - Fifa and any other suggestions. Im based in the...
  2. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Looking to make a YouTube gaming group!

    Hey guys, im a vlogger but I've started a gaming channel, just looking to make a small group of gamers (4-5) preferably from the UK, but anywhere is ok and be 18+. I plan on making gameplay for Fifa, COD, PC Games, Tekken or anything else... My gaming channel is called "KyyPlays". Drop me a...
  3. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Any London based Black ops/Fifa players?

    Hi, I've just started a new gaming channel, I'm 22 and currently play old school games but I'm also looking to upload PS4 games. My main channel is a vlig channel with one of my videos over 1k views. Looking to start a group of gamers (like vanish) or share ideas. Only requirements are you to...
  4. H

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP! LETS DO THIS

    Im a an old youtuber who willing to start a new channel but i would to create new content such as asking the general public questions, doing Q / A Vlogs and much more funny videos. if you are interested and would like to meet up, feel free to comment :)
  5. DiSparrowFilms

    Comedy Calling London Collaborators!

    Now, this is tricky because I would like to show you what I have in mind but, rules don't allow to post links to videos... But if you go on my channel and go to WEBSERIES -> FIFTY SHADES of BLUE that's the videos I want to make (under different name MOBSTERS) To admin/moderator. Don't kill me...
  6. DiSparrowFilms

    500.000 views.... but....

    Where are all the people? lol I created the channel in 2013, I have 1500 subscribers and maybe like 1% of them watch my current videos and 0.5% leave a comment lol The new youtube makes it all just so... not fun. Does anyone else have the same problem? subscribers,
  7. DiSparrowFilms

    One thing you could have from YouTube?

    Hi! I am working on a new video and just want to ask. what's the #1 thing you'd want from YouTube (by that I mean from YouTube not youtubers) eg, some new option (what?), old feature (what?) exc... Hmmm?
  8. Jubair194

    Comedy London Youtuber Collaboration

    I'm looking for a friendly guy to do a collab with and that can meet up somewhere in London to do the filming. I like to make silly but funny videos such as funny how to's and reaction videos. You can have a look at the type of content I upload and if you're interested then you should...
  9. darkstarmedia

    Summer in the City 2016!

    So, SitC (the UK's largest YouTube event) is about a month away! For those not in the know, it's being hosted at the ExCeL Centre in London from the 12th - 14th August. The 12th is a Creator Day designed to help you network with other creators and improve your own channel. On the 14th, there's...
  10. KillG

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone coming to the September MCN Comic Con In London?

    Hey guys! I might be going to the london comic con in september or october, i forgot which month its in lol. But if any of ya wanna do a colab, hit me up on my youtube channel or skype: killg786 snapchat: munna.k email: looking forward to collabing with u guys!
  11. Jubair194

    Comedy Youtube funny videos collab London

    Calling anyone in the London area (England). I am a very friendly and potentially very funny guy that wants to do a collab with anyone over 100 views. I want the content to be similar to mine so that we can share our audiences. So if you are interested, please check out the content that I upload...
  12. K

    Vlog Hey I'm from LONDON & looking for someone to Collaborate with.

    Hey My name is Hassan Khan, started making youtube videos few months ago, My channel is (KhanZtv) where I make Vlogs Blogs and Social experiments. Im basically up for anything :) If your interested in Collaborating with me Please Msg me so we can link up :)
  13. Occasional Vlog

    Starwars Weekend at Legoland. Occasional Vlog #18

    Hi guys, If you have a moment why not check out our latest video, Starwars Weekend at Legoland. All feedback that you guys have would be gratefully received, we're new to this and so expect that there is a lot we can do to make the videos better.
  14. Sian Louise

    Overall feedback please?

    Hello lovely people of the YouTubeiverse... I'd really love some feedback and advice. I'm trying to grow my channel and sometimes it seems absolutely impossible to gain a following! Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. I'm from London and my vlogs mostly aim to make an adventure out...
  15. M

    Meet Up/Gathering London Youtube Meetup/Collaborations

    Hey guys! I am Monz, I am an aspiring Youtuber, aged 16. I am trying to get hold of other Youtubers in London that I can collaborate with. I am a singer/rapper and also a gamer. I love to do challenges and try new things, I would describe myself as funny, bubbly and extremely open-minded...
  16. and_the-teddy_bach

    Meet Up/Gathering Who is going to the MCM Comic Con in London?

    Guys, who of you is visiting the MCM Comic Con in May?
  17. R

    What makes you switch off when watching this video

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. Anyways, I just recently posted a video and I'm trying to understand why it isn't getting the same kind of audience retention as my previous posts. Could any of you guys review it and let me know what it is that I have in there that makes you want to switch off...
  18. KaiCreative

    Other London MCM Comic Con - Filming and Collab

    Hey YT family, So we are going to be at London MCM Comic Con on Saturday the 28th of May 2016 at the London Excel Centre. We normally do interviews and more recently special effects videos. (check out our channel Kaicreative for examples and Andrewmediauk for our older stuff.) This year we...
  19. Sixshades

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP/COLLAB :)

    Hey guys! We are six guys located in London and have recently started youtube and we're looking for people to collab we! We do all types of videos, ranging from football/wrestling videos to pranks and public videos, we also do film and music reviews so if anybody's interested just hit us up...
  20. KaiCreative

    Short Film Actors / Actresses collab required for short special FX film/s - London Essex

    Hi YT Family! We are a two man video team called KaiCreative based in London and Essex who have an array of ideas that we want to implement for short special fx films (2-5mins long) that we want to post up on YT. You can check out our stuff on KaiCreative on YT (and also andrewmediauk for...
  21. KiteVisionary

    Meet Up/Gathering London YouTubers, Collab and Friendship

    What up, hows life? I'm Kite Visionary, for those who don't know its the easter holidays and for next two weeks, I literally don't have univeristy so I thought it would be a good time with time on my hands, to meet a few fellow London YouTubers and make some new YouTube friends to have fun...
  22. LRwF

    London in 6 Hours!

    I got to spend 6 amazing hours in London, UK being a complete tourist and going to see all the famous attractions! I traveled by underground and walked around Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc. I now feel like a true Brit!
  23. ThatJoeyFella

    Meet Up/Gathering New to London

    Hi everyone! I just moved back to London after 10 years in Dublin and I'm looking to meet London YouTubers. I'm well known in the Irish YouTube community, but in London I don't know many people and I want to change that. Is there any events/meet ups happening soon? Cheers, Joey
  24. kojohnsn

    Meet Up/Gathering Any vloggers based in Manchester/London/Birmingham/Hudds???

    or anywhere close to those cities? I was just wondering because it seems like every vlogger/youtuber are US based with sexy accents :rolleyes: Let me know; lets be friends :D
  25. TheBritishAsian

    Vlog let's work together :3

    SO! my name is Nico, I'm a college student in london and i do Daily vlogs on my personal channel TheBritishAsian except for weekends cause i like naps :3 im a very weird and spontaneous person ( i don't even know what i'm doing half the time ) I'm a media production student and i love meeting...
  26. AbeAdams1

    Vloggers at Halloween?!?!

    So it's that time of the year when the leaves are falling of the trees and everybody is sporting warm colours. I really want a seasonally relevant video to post in the next couple of weeks but don't want to be clichè and just vlog a Halloween party. Let's all spread some ideas and stimulate a...
  27. TheIntoxicatedGnomeArmy

    How to have fun in life - Just get up and leave

    Hey there :3 So me and a mate got really bored and decided to get a 2 hour train to London because why not ;D What I want you to take from this video is that there is so much more to life then being stuck in the same place all the time and that this world was made to be explored :D Excuse the...
  28. Kawsar

    Beauty/Makeup Any special FX makeup artists based in London?

    I’m part of UETV (4 people) who are based in London, we do videos such as pranks, short films, music videos, vlogs and social experiments. I have a plan for a Prank that's not been done yet and need the help of a special fx makeup artist. It'll be beneficial to both our pages which I'll explain...
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