1. CJPuffinStuff

    What's A Good Service To Get intros?

    I wanna know where a good intro making service is at. I have tried some before but I wasn't sure if there was any other service that's better or has a lot of customization options. Feel free to link me to a good service and I'll check it out.
  2. TRU3G4M3R

    Services Cheap Professional Intros/Outros and Thumbnails

    Whats up everybody! I create professional looking banners, thumbnails, intros, and outros and do not overcharge in fact I do not expect any payment until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product and want you to be as critical as possible with your judgement so that we can ensure your...
  3. LifewWithD&i

    Request intro video

    Hey me and my girl (Ireland) our looking for someone with a creative mind that could help us with an intro to our videos. Our channel is a couple's channel and were looking for some thing creative, cute and great for our viewers. We are 100% willing to give credit in multiply of our videos if...
  4. dineANDrhyme

    Free Youtube Intros?

    I was wondering if anyone knew any legit websites for FREE intros?
  5. S


    We make a big variety of Channel banners , Intros , Profile pictures and we do Teamspeak Developing. Intros are only £2.50 and Channel Banners £1.50 We also make Youtube Profile Pictures for 50p and Teamspeak developing for £1.50 The intros and Channel banners come in lots of different colours...
  6. Mcdreamified

    Request Noob Youtuber looking for a logo/intro lol

    Hey! I'm kind of new to the YouTube world, been posting for the last few months on and off. I'm looking to see who out there can give me a decent logo and/or intro. I am kinda looking for anyone that will do it free and in return, I will promote the hell out of you. If payment is the only way, I...
  7. alaicc

    Services The ALAICC label - Professional music for your intros.

    We are a diverse music label full of seasoned producers and composers - if you need music, we can make it. I highly recommend watching the introduction video on our channel, as it explains everything better than plain text, and it also gives you a very good idea about our capabilities. If you...
  8. En_crypted

    Services Fast Professional Graphics for under $5 | Banners, Thumbnails, Profile Pictures and Intros!

    Hey, so I just wanted to shamelessly promote my Graphics and how good they are and that I'm doing this stuff for a cheap price for anyone who wants some. I want to be paid through PayPal tho and this is how the pricing is going to be: 1 Banner - €5 1 Thumbnail - €3 (x2 - €5 | x3 - €10) 1...
  9. ggdeeofficial

    Free Alternative to Adobe After Effects?

    So I've had experience with AE before and would like a FREE alternative to it? I want to make intros with effects but not willing to spend 30$ a month for a while CC that I don't use. (i currently edit with premiere elements and have photoshop cc for just 9$/month). I am restarting my youtube...
  10. xxheathermarie

    Intro vs No-Intro

    So even without intros YouTube explains that there will be an immediate drop rate the second the video starts, and thats normal.... But how much is normal? What are your guys opinion on channel intros? Mine is 3 seconds long. (Feel free to check one of my recent videos if you want an idea of my...
  11. Brilliant Beats

    Services Intros & Outros & GFX & Music Services

    I will sell (very very cheap) : Intros Outros GFX Banners Trade: My music on my channel and in return you put my channel link at the top of the description. s/o for s/o Prices: GFX Banner in P.S ($2) Intro in Sony ($1-3) Outro in P.S/Sony ($1) -Brilliant Beats
  12. Isaac Taylor

    Services Intros, Animations, Banners, and more...

    Hello, my name is Isaac and I have 3+ years in motion graphics experience. I make high quality graphics of all kinds for low prices. I specialize in custom intros. I allow my customers to name their price on any custom intro. Every custom intro comes with the option of a free thumbnail. I can...
  13. E

    Services FREE Intros/Outros

    Hello! I Can make simple 2D Intros/Outros and i whould like to give some free! all i want is a shout out and credit at your videos :D
  14. CaliGirlGamer

    I need help with my intro and outro.!.!.!

    Someone recently made me an outro and an intro I tryed added them but things didint work!! Now thoose are the things that will make my channel better .How do I add them for free tho?
  15. GoodWithGraphics


    Yo, what is up everyone. im GoodWithGraphics, here today to bring you guys some FREE GFX and/or Intros. MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU SHOUT ME OUT WHEN YOU GET THE INTRO OR LET ME PUT "MADE BY GoodWithGraphics" SMALL IN THE CORNER OF THE GFX depending on how well done you want them, intros...
  16. SeanFace101

    Whats your Channel Trailer like? ... What is in it?

    What have you put in your video for your channel trailer? What sort of things have you said in it? I want to make one but not sure what to do in it. :P Also, whats the best length for the trailer video?
  17. Divergence

    Services Professional logos at budget prices [Edited with link]

    Hi folks, Now I don't work for these guys, but they are doing my logo and if you know these YouTubers Ali-A, Nadeshot etc they made their logos and brands and they also make websites, motion intros and banners. I just thought I'd give them a shout out on here as they are working on my new logo...
  18. Isaac Taylor

    Services NAME YOUR PRICE! (Intros,Graphics)

    3 simple steps: 1# Email me a request at: 2# Name your price and what you want your intro to look like. 3# I make the intro. :roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2::roflmao2: (IsubeGraphics)
  19. Noah Richardson

    Services Free Intros!

    I have done VFX and GFX for a few months now and have gotten the hang of it. I now do free sync and 2d intros, although sync intros are my specialty. I can also do simple Minecraft animations if needed. Email me at if you need something. Please try to include a name...
  20. Nanonium

    Request [Free] Need a Intro and Outro

    So for my YouTube channel, I'd like a quick short intro much like the one I have already, only a better background. As for the outro, something with a eye-catching background and a format like the one I already have For both, I'd like some nice music in it. I want it done for free, however you...
  21. ESD

    Services Intros/Outros and 2D Motion Graphics for FREE!

    Hi there! I am a video editor that is looking to build up a portfolio of work, I'm happy to create Intro/Outros as well as 2D Motion Graphics for your videos. For the intros/outros I use Premiere Pro and for the graphics, I use After Effects. Here is a selection of screenshots showing my...
  22. scHD

    Finished/Closed please delete thread closed

  23. mmrobins

    Services Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros.

    Making Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros to be featured in your description if you have more than 100 subscribers and if you do not, Get 2 for $5 or all 4 for $8) 1 costs $3. Paypal Only! Some of my work: mrobins
  24. Furry Gurus

    Intro or no intro?

    A while back I started to add a short (2-3 second) intro to my videos, but someone pointed out to me that I shouldn't do that. Now I have started to doubt myself, what do you guys think? (the video in my signature does not have that intro).
  25. bxnsfilms


    Do you need a logo/banner for your YouTube channel? Do you need an introduction clip for your YouTube channel? IF YOU DO YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, MY FRIEND. For $5 USD, I can make you a banner. For $10 USD, I can make you a logo or an introduction clip. NOTE: All payments will be made...
  26. Seano1

    Should you have an intro or no?

    What's up YTtalk? Should you have an intro or no? I have an outro for my videos but I do not have an intro that specially says its my channel. I usually start the video off with some witty/funny/stupid thing and then say what the video is about. So should I have a name intro at the very...
  27. RobCoxxy

    Requesting Review - Branding and Intros

    Hi guys, I'm Rob. Towards the end of last year I made a big push in nailing down my branding in terms of aesthetically similair Intros, Thumbnails, and Outro Slates, etc - and followed some advice towards creating a better intro - not just in terms of the five second, motion graphics side of...
  28. MattFPS

    Request Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Hey Guys!!! As I am starting YouTube I need a unique intro/outro/logo/banner etc and I am a awful graphics designing and need someone to do it for me!! If you are able to send me a sample/taster I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks to anyone that replies and especially to people who hopefully...
  29. Grated Cheese

    Request Free Intros or Outros? I will put link for you in description

    Hey YTTalk community, I have been trying to get an intro or an outro for my upcoming videos. As I am new to Youtube, I do not have much expensive software and I cannot find out how to make an intro or outro for my videos without paying loads for a good software for Windows 10. If you make me an...
  30. GooberVlogs


    Is it just me or do you all get annoyed when you see a cool thumbnail or interesting title and they have a intro... I personally hate intros and ALWAYS skip them.... What I like to do for a intro is take a funny clip from the video and put it in the start for a few seconds and start the video...