Whats up everybody!

I create professional looking banners, thumbnails, intros, and outros and do not overcharge in fact I do not expect any payment until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product and want you to be as critical as possible with your judgement so that we can ensure your complete satisfaction

~For individual I will not charge more than $20 for any one item and price is negotiable depending on complexity of design and time that it takes to complete task.

Thumbnails and Banners: $7 - $15
Intros/Outros: $10 - $20

~I also offer a bundel of any three items for $25
-Price is still negotiable based on the three items chosen

Here are a few of the simpler designs and intros I have done for my own channel and other fellow youtubers if you are interested you can post a reply here or email me dariusavery99@gmail.comNazi zombies thumbnail.jpg Zombies compilation thumbnail.jpgQ&A Video thumbnail.jpg

Also I apologize for not being able to attach any of my intro designs the files were too big