1. TRU3G4M3R

    Services Cheap Professional Intros/Outros and Thumbnails

    Whats up everybody! I create professional looking banners, thumbnails, intros, and outros and do not overcharge in fact I do not expect any payment until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product and want you to be as critical as possible with your judgement so that we can ensure your...
  2. LaZzy Ghost

    Video outros

    hey i am a youtube gamer. i love playing games and was wondering. how to make a outro for a video. any tips you have i will greatly appreciate.
  3. Noah Richardson

    Services [Free] Avatars, Banners, Intros, and More!

    You can check out my intro playlist here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf2t_hAegQMpKQ6oMN8FwpvHqqtiGiD0S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Send me an email at...
  4. E

    Services FREE Intros/Outros

    Hello! I Can make simple 2D Intros/Outros and i whould like to give some free! all i want is a shout out and credit at your videos :D
  5. CaliGirlGamer

    I need help with my intro and outro.!.!.!

    Someone recently made me an outro and an intro I tryed added them but things didint work!! Now thoose are the things that will make my channel better .How do I add them for free tho?
  6. GoodWithGraphics


    Yo, what is up everyone. im GoodWithGraphics, here today to bring you guys some FREE GFX and/or Intros. MY ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT YOU SHOUT ME OUT WHEN YOU GET THE INTRO OR LET ME PUT "MADE BY GoodWithGraphics" SMALL IN THE CORNER OF THE GFX depending on how well done you want them, intros...
  7. ESD

    Services Intros/Outros and 2D Motion Graphics for FREE!

    Hi there! I am a video editor that is looking to build up a portfolio of work, I'm happy to create Intro/Outros as well as 2D Motion Graphics for your videos. For the intros/outros I use Premiere Pro and for the graphics, I use After Effects. Here is a selection of screenshots showing my...
  8. Court

    Services Commissioning Cheap Outros!!

    I'm just a beginning commissioner, but I have experience with graphics for three years at least (Self taught) Each Outro will cost $5 each. (Once I get the money I'll start the commission. ) You can email me at courtney.briseno45@gmail.com So we can discuss what you would like in your Ourtro...
  9. bxnsfilms


    Do you need a logo/banner for your YouTube channel? Do you need an introduction clip for your YouTube channel? IF YOU DO YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, MY FRIEND. For $5 USD, I can make you a banner. For $10 USD, I can make you a logo or an introduction clip. NOTE: All payments will be made...
  10. MattFPS

    Request Graphics/Logo/Intro/Outro (Basically Everything)

    Hey Guys!!! As I am starting YouTube I need a unique intro/outro/logo/banner etc and I am a awful graphics designing and need someone to do it for me!! If you are able to send me a sample/taster I would greatly appreciate it!! thanks to anyone that replies and especially to people who hopefully...
  11. Grated Cheese

    Request Free Intros or Outros? I will put link for you in description

    Hey YTTalk community, I have been trying to get an intro or an outro for my upcoming videos. As I am new to Youtube, I do not have much expensive software and I cannot find out how to make an intro or outro for my videos without paying loads for a good software for Windows 10. If you make me an...
  12. E

    Services Cheap Professional Youtube Graphics!

    Hi, my name is ChesterLoony! I do cheap professional graphics ranging from $1-5! These samples are just a mere peak at what I can do, I would love to expand my learning with photoshop and tackle any request that you have to offer! Reply to this thread if you're interested in any offers!
  13. Devin Spell

    Services Devin Designs [Outros, Banner, Logos, Thumbnails]

    My name is Devin Spell, computer science major in college, but I been doing graphic design as a hobby for about 3 years. I have 3 years of experience in Photoshop. Prices: Banners (Youtube): $10 Outros: $10 Logos: $5 Thumbnails: $5 for every 5 Contact me on skype, easiest way to get ahold of...
  14. Emily Richardson

    Intros & Outros???!!!!

    Hey there everybody! First of all, I can't believe my last post ended up as a hot topic-I'm glad I wasn't the only one fearing Armageddon after hearing about YT Red. But aaaaaaaaaaaanywhooooooo.... I really want to create a catchy intro and outro for my channel-real original, Emily, who...