1. GameLounge

    Services Free 3D AND Minecraft Intros!

    Sooooooo... Hey, i'm Harrison from GameLounge and through Christmas week I will be giving out free Minecraft / 3D Intros. The only thing you have to do is to probably give me your skype name and to just tell me anything in particular that you want.. and that's really about it. » If you don't...
  2. Devin Spell

    Services Devin Designs [Outros, Banner, Logos, Thumbnails]

    My name is Devin Spell, computer science major in college, but I been doing graphic design as a hobby for about 3 years. I have 3 years of experience in Photoshop. Prices: Banners (Youtube): $10 Outros: $10 Logos: $5 Thumbnails: $5 for every 5 Contact me on skype, easiest way to get ahold of...
  3. Boggen Bupis

    Services FREE INTROS

    Hi, I make free intros. You can choose the music and I will do the rest or you don't even have to do anything but give me a shoutout from your channel. Email me @ to talk more. Thx
  4. bxnsfilms

    Services Cheap Banners and Intros!!

    I can create cheap introductions and banners for your channels! I charge $5 for an Introduction that is whatever you would like! I charge $5 for a Banner for your channel, completely customized. If you are at all interested, please do feel free to send me an email to: Also, if...
  5. A

    Request Anyone want to make me a Christmas Intro?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anyone willing to make me a free Christmas intro. If you are interested email me @ for more details :)
  6. DaRealApollo

    Is it Worth it to Have an Intro?

    Intros on videos are cool to some and annoying beyond all hell to others. For me as a viewer, I had when content creators have intros on videos because it's just a gigantic waste of time. Like I'm already on this person's channel, I can see their watermark, their channel name, their channel art...
  7. Emily Richardson

    Intros & Outros???!!!!

    Hey there everybody! First of all, I can't believe my last post ended up as a hot topic-I'm glad I wasn't the only one fearing Armageddon after hearing about YT Red. But aaaaaaaaaaaanywhooooooo.... I really want to create a catchy intro and outro for my channel-real original, Emily, who...
  8. Brickpro

    Services Brickpro™ | Youtube Intros

    Hey guys! I am a Youtube Designer that does intros! You can check my samples below. Thank you for checking out my thread! Motion Design Reel: Video Intros Playlist: Latest Intro...
  9. Deathmitsos

    Services New Intro Shop! Fast & Professional ( √ )

    Hello guys this is Dimitris HD from Digital Minds Network. I'm starting this topic to inform you that my intro shop is open. I will be posting pictures of my work here as the rules don't allow videos.We have a lot of intros @ our channel so you can sure check it out and contact us if you like...