Loving YTtalk
Intros on videos are cool to some and annoying beyond all hell to others. For me as a viewer, I had when content creators have intros on videos because it's just a gigantic waste of time. Like I'm already on this person's channel, I can see their watermark, their channel name, their channel art, and their channel avatar, I don't want to see anymore branding. It especially bothers me when people have 8+ seconds of a cliche intro where there's bouncing text of the channel name over a dark screen with annoying popular rap music with thumping bass in the background. That's just me, what do you guys think about channel intros?
I believe that if they are kept short (no more than 5-10 seconds), then they are ok, otherwise it's dragged for a bit too long.
intros are good for news channels but other then that its not really needed but could be fun
Most of the time I like intros because they are recognizable and give a sense of continuity. However if the intro is too loud and abrasive, or too long, then they are pretty annoying. Its all about how well an intro fits with a channel.

I use one for branding purposes.
I like intros to an extent. When they're simple and catchy its great as people can identify it but when they're generic like 3D text flying in ever direction with dubstep and 100 colours then I feel it's a bit unnecessary. We kept ours short to see how it goes and it just sorta sticks with each vid now
first thing I do is hit stop, so they get 1 second of view time.
I think intro's spoil your audience retention stats, 1 second from a 20 second intro is 5%
there's probably benefits for some but overall if someone is already in your channel then why not let them watch your video's to see what your about, if they don't like what you have then at least they viewed your content to find out.