channel intros

  1. WarriorDan

    Request Looking for short, professional-looking intro

    Hello, I run a gaming channel, specializing in Let's Plays, gameplay montages, and game reviews. I need someone to help make me a sleek, professional-looking video intro that can match the feel of my channel. Something dynamic that can capture people's attention and wow them a bit. I don't...
  2. iButtonsi

    WELCOME! The iButtonsi Channel Trailer!

    Hi Guys! I am Buttons! I recently took a little time off the forums to sink my head around what else I could be doing. So this past month I was working with a guy who records. We came up with a short 10 second song for my gaming channel. After that I put together some animations and other...
  3. DaRealApollo

    Is it Worth it to Have an Intro?

    Intros on videos are cool to some and annoying beyond all hell to others. For me as a viewer, I had when content creators have intros on videos because it's just a gigantic waste of time. Like I'm already on this person's channel, I can see their watermark, their channel name, their channel art...
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