you should avoid intros

  1. EvoShieldGaming

    On The Right Track For A Good Channel?

    Hey guys/girls So I have been doing YouTube now for about a year (I have made and started lots of channels), but I can't find a way to grow faster or look good for anyone who comes across my videos. I would like some help on the following things. - Channel Banner (Good or Bad?) - Video...
  2. Comaxi

    Services I will make channel art!

    I will make free decent quality channel art [Edited by Staff] Here are a couple i have made for myself and my brother [Edited by Staff] 1.What you do on your channel eg: gaming, comedy 2.The specifics eg :pokemon, gta, cod 3. If you want social media names on it. 4.If there are any specific...
  3. DaRealApollo

    Is it Worth it to Have an Intro?

    Intros on videos are cool to some and annoying beyond all hell to others. For me as a viewer, I had when content creators have intros on videos because it's just a gigantic waste of time. Like I'm already on this person's channel, I can see their watermark, their channel name, their channel art...
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