1. MeltedPebbles

    Couple plays Indie Horror Game (JUMPSCARES)

    Hey guys this video is on Hotel Remorse a terrifying game where you must escaoe from the hotel you are trapped in. If you enjoyed the video please check out our channel!
  2. MeltedPebbles

    Terrifying Jump Scares in this Game!

    This game is called Homesick and it was created by Chloe Sagal. It is a great game!
  3. Winger94

    SO MUCH NOSTALGIA!| Mighty no 9 First impressions!

    Hello guys! I'm so thrilled to play this game. I really loved Megaman when I was a young tiny boy ( I played a lot of them) and I have great expectations for Mighty No 9. This will be a first impression video and it was difficult enough! If you have any suggestion feel free to use the comments...
  4. Winger94

    We are going always deeper in Spook's CASTLE! LET'S GO

    Hi there boys! Wow I'm digging this game more and more! Those jumpscares are malicious, but really well made. My body can't be prepared to something so sudden! Today We try to reach the second big checkpoint, the 200th floor! But I'm afraid that won't be so easy, there are some creatures waiting...
  5. Winger94

    TIME TO WORK OUR BRAINS OUT | Amnesia The Dark Descent!

    After roaming for a long period of time we managed to recover the key for that Machine Room. Now it's time to melt the brain with all those riddles: we need to restore the power, but apparently there are 3 different machines to activate. If someone had left an instruction manual.... Maybe there...
  6. Winger94

    YOU WON'T SURVIVE TO THIS (just kidding) | Addiction LP

    Hello guys! I wanted to play this game since when I saw it on Gamejolt and I have to admit I don't regret the choice. First of all the graphic: I love the Unreal Engine 4 (especially when I can run them!). This horror game turn around escaping from a facility after turning on the generators for...
  7. Winger94

    THE JOURNEY CONTINUES IN Amnesia: The Dark Descent!

    I'm so thrilled, after so many months I have the chance to playing again this wonderful game. I stopped Amnesia a long time ago and I actually forgot where I were but now it's time to walking again. I reached the elevator, but there is no power and we need to access the Machine Room, that...
  8. Kass

    This Game Has Everything! | Shower With Your Dad Simulator

    Daddy AF
  9. SheepDreams


    Okay you caught me its not actually a simulator but enjoy it maybe i entertain you :3 Leave me some dank feedback! Negative or positive its all feddback to me :D See ya around!
  10. C

    Music Collabs Needed for MUSIC REVIEW (not strictly albums or new releases) CHANNEL

    Hello! On my channel I talk about music (usually heavy metal related- but I also do some indie rock, shoegaze type of stuff- NOT POP MUSIC) from the point of view of actual album reviews, analysis of genres, lists of whatever albums or songs, etc. I tend to lean on more towards heavy metal and...
  11. PrattyG

    Looking for new games to play on my channel!

    So recently I've been thinking that starting a lets play series would be a good kickstart for my channel as I have thinks to look forward to post. I just not sure what game I should play. I'm not look for some PC destroying ultra graphics triple A game. Just looking for something that...
  12. j12stones

    Vaccine War: Ep 01 | Let's do Indie!!!

  13. Winger94

    Old, abandoned, desolated. Those are the words for Ghost Town!

    Hello everyone! When I found this game I was a bit skeptic because the images didn't tell me so much about the game but then I played it and despite the easy graphics it's entertaining enough! Ghost Town is a new indie horror game with the plot of collecting crosses and avoiding monsters ( yeah...
  14. Winger94

    Me and Minos together forever in Crypts of Minos

    Hello guys! Well this game was interesting, despite his actual length (maybe because it's still incomplete). The plot is basically one: escape the labyrinth before something discovers your presence! Despite the graphic I actually liked this game so let me know what you think about it!
  15. aplsos

    Gaming Pc colab

    Hi my Name is David I make indie games videos. my format is similar to game grumps (more focused on fun and jokes then serious hardcore Gaming. I'm 17 and work well with others I am a very new you tuber looking for anyone with a decent amount of subscribers to colab with. I will play pretty...
  16. Chaz

    OUTLAST 2? (A Hat In Time Part 3)

    What does every platformer need? A scary level of course and as everyone knows I am the hugest baby even if something isn't even remotely close to being scary. Give this video a watch and go and Support A Hat In Time. Thanks!
  17. FatalAti

    Sophie`s Curse | Scared To The Bones

    Hey guys. I just started a game called the Sophie`s Curse and i have to say i hated it. I don´t like horror games. And i know why i hate it now. But it is cool to watch there are some jump scares that you might enjoy :D So i hope you guys can give me some feedback. :P EPISODE 1
  18. Hellolabgroup

    BERTRAM's Dastardly Deeds! Today we steal Panties!!

    The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a crazy Victorian era point and click bursting at the seams with INNUENDOS and crazy antics. This time we steal panties and get our inner explorator on while exploring Lady Ravisham's secret garden. ;)
  19. Hellolabgroup

    I play Indie & Horror PC Games

    Hey Y'all! I am a indie/horror pc gamer! I love playing video games. I love editing. and I love interacting with my viewers! Come check me out and see if it's something you're into :) <3
  20. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Ending | Back to Reality?

    Will anyone survive the ending of Fran Bow?!
  21. ChicTomboy

    Check Out This Wonderful Indie Game | The Way of Life

    If you want to have some feels, this is your type of game.
  22. Hellolabgroup

    Awesome Pixelated Puzzler!! :D

    This is my latest LP: MISSING TRANSLATION! Its super awesome and reallllllly ADDICTING! Check it out and try it for yourself!
  23. Hellolabgroup

    Let's Play: The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle!

    Finally started a cool indie point n click series! Really excited about this one y'all! :D It's just so funny and adorable and I hope y'all enjoy watching this Let's Play! Let me know what y'all think! :D Love, hellolabgroup <3
  24. Hellolabgroup

    Indie Games and Giggles

    Hey Everyone! I recently started making let's plays on my channel! So far it's indie pc games, but i'll play whatever else that looks fun! I'm struggling to get viewers and subs, so please go check me out, or share it with any friends that might like my content! :) Also, if you have any advice...
  25. KrizoGames

    Let's Play Jotun - Episode 5 (New Editing Highs)

    Hey everyone! Newest episode of my Jotun Let's Play is out and I'm pretty happy with my fancy edits in this one. What I'm going for is a kind of mix between roleplay-ish commentary and edits that enhance the video. Worked pretty hard on it and I think that this one turned out pretty good. Also...
  26. KrizoGames

    Roleplay-ish Let's Play Channel in need of feedback

    I started my first Let's Play on this channel few weeks ago (had another channel before that but I shut it down so I'm starting from scratch now). I'm trying to make a fusion of two Let's Play "styles": -Role playing style - doing commentary mostly in character I'm playing - I find that style...
  27. BehrmanTheBeerman

    SimplePlanes Best Builds!

    Here are some of the best/wackyest creations from the SimplePlanes community.
  28. CautiousCrowe

    JESUS CHRIST! How is this game not banned?! (Whos your daddy)

    I think developers are getting a lot more freedom these days. With games like Hatred being considered "ok" for the gaming community to enjoy, it really reminds me a lot of my duke nukem days on the N64
  29. Tahrgat

    Aka Manto 赤マント (Short Horror Film)

    I made this Horror film based on the Japanese Urban Legend, Aka Manto or Red Cloak. It is a pretty bizarre and somewhat darkly comedic scenario... until it isn't. If you wanna learn more about this strange Urban Legend then here is the info:!akamanto/c1pd5 -
  30. Blakeusness

    Who's Your Daddy? - Meet Rodger the baby!

    Hi guys! Just made a new video on the game 'Who's your daddy' A fun indie that has been greenly on steam! Hope you enjoy!