I play Indie & Horror PC Games

@WeiseGamer yeah your videos are awesome! :) i found you from your thread!

oh sweet thanks![DOUBLEPOST=1457367198,1457366818][/DOUBLEPOST]By the way check this out!


Guy that did the sound in this game is the guy that did sound effects and music for Outlast, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, and more. Game is creepy as hell and there's a demo. I have a review for it (err, it comes out this week, scheduled, haha). The demo is linked on the kickstarter page, but check it out![DOUBLEPOST=1457367234][/DOUBLEPOST]If you do play it, let me know! I'll watch for sure, just to see if you get scared :p...and subbed!
thank you so much! it means a TON to me that you're enjoying it ^_^ I'll make sure to check out your channel as well :D
stay tuned! part 5 is coming up this week!
Well mostly steam, but occasionally i'll get some from humble bundle also :)
Ah fair enough :) You should check out gamejolt - there's so many random a** games on there. Some are completely ridiculous but are worth some one off videos if you ever will do anything like that :p I also need to check out the humblebundle more often xD