Roleplay-ish Let's Play Channel in need of feedback


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I started my first Let's Play on this channel few weeks ago (had another channel before that but I shut it down so I'm starting from scratch now).

I'm trying to make a fusion of two Let's Play "styles":
-Role playing style - doing commentary mostly in character I'm playing - I find that style of Let's Playing really appealing (this came from me watching one of my Let's Play role models Gopher play Skyrim and Fallout)
-Fancy and well edited - trying to do two things: 1. Make my videos well edited in the first plays (nice intro/outro, cutting out periods of silence and other uninteresting content, good transitions and timing) 2. Increase the quality of the video by adding things via editing (occasionally some additional text to add to the commentary, adding some graphics (like I'm pulling out a sidebar and filling a spot in it whenever I obtain a health upgrade or a god power in my Jotun Let's Play)).
As I said, I'm trying to do that. I personally think I'm not completely there yet, but I believe I will improve over time. Besides all that I'm also, of course, trying to make my videos with best audio and video quality I can and make my channel art and everything as good as I can.

So that's the summary of what I'm trying to do, so please tell me how well I'm doing really. Thanks a lot!