Sophie`s Curse | Scared To The Bones


I've Got It
Hey guys. I just started a game called the Sophie`s Curse and i have to say i hated it. I don´t like horror games. And i know why i hate it now. But it is cool to watch there are some jump scares that you might enjoy :D So i hope you guys can give me some feedback. :p

Hey pipul, Have you ever played a horror game that you had to call your mom so she could console you. Well this game made me do that. I hate it but boy it is well done. It reminds me Five Nights at Freddy but with a better jump scares.
The girl that scares us is Sophie. Sophie is a b***h. Don´t be like Sophie and give peoples some cookie.

I hope you enjoy this series this is the second episode in the series. The first one got 80 view so thank you guys a lot who had watched it :*