how to gain subscribers

  1. Nazristic

    How To Grow Organic Followers (Subscribers) on Youtube?

    Hey everyone, I've been thinking about what the best way to grow real organic followers (subscribers) on youtube is. I am not sure if sharing your videos on 3rd party websites is a good way to gain a following or that maybe I should focus more on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search...
  2. OskarGvlogs

    How did you big youtubers grow?

    Okay so a lot of people give advice to small youtubers and it's all the same, use the right tags, be unique and have some quality in your content. But how did all you guys who have 10k + subscribers get there cause i know most people need to self promote to get the. What are the best ways to do...
  3. VRONA

    How Can I Fix Appalling Growth Rate | Honest Feedback Needed

    My channel has been going through huge growing pains since it started 4 years ago. It started off ok, yet things went stale quickly. I only reach 100 subscribers after 3 years, and even though I am now just 1 off 200, the general viewing of my videos has been going down. In my first year I made...
  4. Bro D

    Hit 10 Subscribers, But I'm Not Satisfied

    I have just recently started creating content on Youtube about 2 weeks ago. Recently hit 10 subscribers, but I seem to be having an issue getting any more. Obviously I know I am not going to be an overnight success. But I would like to think atleast gaining 1 or 2 subscribers in 4 or 5 days was...
  5. Eric Bieller

    We just hit 1000 subscribers! Here's what we've learned.

    We started our YouTube channel around 8 months ago and I'm happy to say we've just reached 1000 subscribers! We know that in the grand scheme of YouTube, this is peanuts, but to a lot of us just starting out, 1000 is that first huge milestone we're all working towards. So I wanted to share what...
  6. DivideAndConquer

    I seemed to have stalled out

    My YouTube channel has been stuck at 236 subscribers now for a while and has been going down in views. I'm wondering how I can turn this around? I mostly do VR Let's Plays and survival game Let's Plays. should I be doing more vlogs? how should I go about promoting my YouTube channel on social...
  7. isn2011

    Using other social entities for views and subscribers etc

    How successful has everyone been by creating Instagram and Twitter etc accounts linked to your YouTube accounts? I have created both an Instagram account and a Twitter account for my YouTube account and I was just wondering if anyone else had done the same, and if so what was their experience...
  8. Exotik

    Feedback would be really appreciated!

    Hi! I run a small channel called Exotik, and I do Tech and Youtube Advice videos. This video in my opinion is one of the most finished and helpful videos ive made, and want some feedback on how to improve. Any feedback would be appreciated!# Video:
  9. W

    How did you get your first 100 subscribers?

    I am curious to know how everybody plans on or have got their first 100 subcribers. As a small channel, under 100 subs, I feel that it is hard to get that first 100 subs. This doesn't mean that I'm not willing to put in the hard work. I love doing youtube and I was just wanting some tips and...
  10. Dimo Dimov

    How to become a great youtuber?

    Hello,i remember the time when i wanted to make videos and share them in youtube,i was like 11 y/o now i am 17 y/o.I couldn't make videos before because i hadn't a good computer for this.Now i have a stable computer (not good not bad) and i want to make my dream to come true.I made a few videos...
  11. H

    Twitter.... what do?

    Ok so on a scale of 1-10 im like 4 four. I am not an idiot at it just highly unexperienced. Following and stuff lik that I get. tweeting and dming but when it comes to actually using it successfully. I had a friend that used it and gained about 3000 legit subs in about 1-2 months. I don't want...
  12. Gamiefy

    Your subscribers in the last 24 hours?

    So how many subscriber did you gain in the last 24 hours? Mine is 8. Share your numbers! :D
  13. DaRealApollo

    Stuck at ____ Subscribers

    **BY NO MEANS IS THIS A CRY FOR ATTENTION, JUST A QUESTION TO THE COMMUNITY** So for months, I've been hovering around the 115 subscriber area. I'm not upset about it, I love my subscribers, but it is bothersome to see people like the untalented ZexyZek sit high and mighty at a solid 1.4...