1. Courtney Candice

    Common mistakes in horror movies

  2. SoccerBrosTv

    Short Film Movie

    SoccerBrosT is making a Short Film about Soccer. Since it's October, we want to make an insane 5-10 min Scary Movie episode. We just need ideas to help us out... Anyone have ideas?! Please help out... *We want to make this Season 1 with 5 episodes!!!**
  3. Hellolabgroup

    New Free Horror Series! Re:Turn - One Way Trip

    Hello Everyone! This is a brand new FREE horror game on Itch.io! (Link in video description) Friends embark on a camping trip, unaware that everything is about to go horribly wrong... Welcome to our new series! I'm very excited to play this one with y'all and hope you enjoy it! I'm a Let's...
  4. Raven

    30k Views milestone

    Greetings Ghouls and Ghosts. The channel just reached 30K of views and each one of them is special to me. thanks so much and I really hope one day I get to bring more smiles to you spooky people :).
  5. Dr. Creepster

    Looking for channel feedback :)

    Hey people! I am looking for some feedback on my channel since i'm not quite sure if i got everything right. I am a Horror storyteller btw :) What i am mostly concerned about is: -Level Between Voice and music -Is the mic good enough? -is the voice acting okay or am i better off without it? -Is...
  6. Zomboy Productionz

    Short Film Looking for filmmakers to submit creepy clips for a Halloween Countdown!

    Hey all! I am running a Halloween Countdown this year where filmmakers submit creepy clips for each of the countdown days. After you email me, I will give you your assigned countdown number and you must make a creepy clip incorporating that number that is 15 to 30 seconds. (Sort of like the...
  7. ResidualPirate

    YO I CAN'T EVEN BRUH | OUTLAST PS4 Playthrough #1

    OUTLAST playthrough #1 Feel free to like/comment/subscribe and let me know what you think Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks
  8. Courtney Candice

    Halloween movies

  9. SweetNaterTater

    Request New channel logo (Free)

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who can make me a new logo for my YouTube channel. What I would like the logo to have is a unique design of a creepy looking clown with red, and blood on the clown. I would like to have the clown smiling just like the clown I have right now for my logo. You can come...
  10. Warlock Boo

    Voice Acting Halloween special Help needed please,

    hello there I am Warlock BOO and I am looking for Some people to help me with my Halloween special. I am currently needing voice actors mostly. But animators and artist are welcomed. I want to get different people reading different horror stories/creepypastas/redit post's and to put them all...
  11. Dice Rollen

    Other Horror Channel Montage

    Hey, I've never started/hosted a collab before, but I've come up with an idea for one. The basic idea is that if you have a horror/macabre/weird centered channel I'd like to put together a sort of montage/best of trailer with clips of some of your best videos. It would be like showcasing other...
  12. pcgamergirl

    HOW TO ESCAPE A PRISON!!! - Little Nightmares [Part 1 - The Prison]

    Hey guys! This is my first post to the forum... so I thought I'd start you out with my latest Lets Play series on Little Nightmares! It was a GREAT game... I believe it's also part of the Steam summer sale, so check it out if you're into it! My full playlist is available on my channel. :) Also...
  13. Couples Crusade

    We get terrified by a forest, pig, elk, demon thing!!

    This is our most recent video and we are quite happy with how it turned out. We hope that it is enjoyable for everyone else, we'd love some feedback from anyone willing to give it.
  14. ElitePotato


    Heya! I am a PC gamer and I play mostly Gamejolt and Steam games. (Any game that's on PC actually) - Looking to collaborate with people of any gender - age range of 13 and above. - 100 subs and above for collaboration partners would be nice :) - Form of communication: Mostly Skype and Discord...
  15. AMX Gaming

    Hello Mamma! | Resident Evil 7 #5

    Hi everybody and welcome to part 5 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in this gameplay we deal with big mamma as we take on the role of Mia, we see how she had to escape and find a way through that scary lady known as Margaret. We must get to Mia fast before Mamma Does anything weird to our...
  16. AMX Gaming

    Driving Lessons With Jack | Resident Evil 7 #4

    Hello everybody and Welcome to Resident Evil 7 Part 4. in this episode we meet a cop that due to his curiosity gets him killed, we also take driving lessons from Jack that don't go so well, we begin to find the keys to unlock rooms with goodies and have an encounter with Margaret. Resident Evil...
  17. AMX Gaming

    Scary Dinner With The Creepy Chef | Little Nightmares #6

    Hi guys and welcome to Little Nightmares Part 6, this time we have to deal with the creepy chef, just as we think he is gone, he returns to haunt us. We can't let him have us over for a scary dinner that we do not wanna be part of, it won't be easy getting around him but it will be funny to see...
  18. AMX Gaming

    I Need A Hand | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #3

    Hello and welcome to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #3 in this episode we are attacked by Mia yet again, this time she cuts our hand off so now i need a hand lol. As we move forward in the game we have a nice dinner with the family but what they want us to eat is not nice, it's time to find a way...
  19. AMX Gaming

    Fried Josie | Little Nightmares #5

    Hi guys welcome to Little Nightmares #5 this time a new challenge awaits, a chef, not just any chef. He wants blood and to have poor Josie for dinner, we cannot let that happen, he's standing in our way so must do something about this chef that wants to fry Josie. Will we make it out alive or...
  20. AMX Gaming

    Somebody That I Used To Know | Resident Evil 7 #2

    Hi everybody and welcome to part 2 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, we found Mia but there is something wrong, it seems like she is possessed by an evil spirit and she may now be somebody that i used to know, watch as it gets scary finding her and having her attack us. Get ready for scares, funny...
  21. AMX Gaming

    No Touchy | Little Nightmares #4

    Hi everybody amx here and welcome to part 4 of little nightmares this time we have to deal with touchy feely again, some fails, funny moments scares intense chases are in this awesome gameplay, watch as we take on this dude and try to avoid those frisky hands of his lol. No Touchy | Little...
  22. AMX Gaming

    The End Of The Sewer Gators | Resident Evil 7: Biohazard #1

    Hello everybody welcome to resident evil 7 biohazard part 1 where our horror scary adventure begins, we start off strong by receiving a video message from our girlfriend clearly telling us to stay away but for some reason we think she is telling us to save her, maybe it's our desire to have her...
  23. AMX Gaming

    Frisky Hands | Little Nightmares #3

    Little Nightmares #3 - welcome everybody this is part 3 where we have to deal with captain frisky hands trying to get freaky with poor little Josie, get ready for some scary chases and trying to be stealthy as we do our best to get around Mr frisky. Frisky Hands | Little Nightmares #3 Immerse...
  24. AMX Gaming

    Mystery of Scares Begins | Lazaretto #1

    Lazaretto is an indie horror game set in an abandoned building where a lighthouse is near by and a hospital just to spice things up a bit, in this first episode we learn that we've been inherited but to find out what we must travel to this abandoned place, get ready for scary sounds, and the...
  25. AMX Gaming

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey (Part 1)

    Little Nightmares | Skinny Legs Josey is the first of many episodes to come of little nightmares a strange but fun adventure, puzzle creepy game with a little bit of horror but much more fun along the way, we begin our weird adventure with a strange dream, what is the mystery behind that dream...
  26. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 - The Missing Episode

    This is a Missing Episode from Outlast 2 that i didn't wanna upload for reasons mentioned in the video but i'll show you guys the struggle and how angry this section was making me, the game glitched pretty bad and you guys will see what happened. Thank you for watching this Outlast 2 The...
  27. MechaJake

    1 Episode Away From My First FULL Playthrough!

    Hey Everyone, This is the second last episode of my Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion playthrough and I'm very excited to be this close to the end of a series! I've been learning a lot as I make more entries; new styles and techniques and have been having a blast doing it. Please enjoy the second...
  28. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Val Is Seducing Me

    in this Outlast 2 gameplay we continue through the mines where more scary monsters and chases await us as we try to find a way out of this place, this time we don't go to the school but it gets scary enough in the mines where we don't need to, we also meet up with val along the way, he seems to...
  29. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Running For My Life...Again

    It's time to run for our life once again, what's new right? in this outlast 2 gameplay video we continue from the school this time we see a bit more of how Jessica might have been murdered, along the way something is trying to stop us and chase us until we die, things also get intense in Arizona...
  30. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 - Tongue Action

    That's right you guys we get some tongue action on this outlast 2 gameplay, the scares continue don't worry, lol. We find the raft we almost lost, have flashbacks to the school and the scalled camp. Things get scary quick, intense chases and a whole lot of fun to be had in this outlast 2 video