1. AMX Gaming

    The K.O King | P.A.M.E.L.A #1 (blind Run) Zombie Survival

    This is a blind run of P.A.M.E.L.A an intense open world survival, futuristic science fiction like game set on the world of Eden, a fallen utopia wrought with death and danger. hi-tech weapons, equipment and build able items can be upgraded. Meet PAMELA, an omnipresent AI overseer who is left...
  2. TheInsaneOtaku


    Hey everyone! This is my first video with my facecam being greenscreened! It is a major improvement. Come check it out everyone!
  3. AMX Gaming

    Why Do You Want To Kill Me? | Husk #3

    We continue with husk and things get very scary. As we move deeper in the town, we come across infected zombies that want to kill me, we must get to the police station and find out what secret lies there, before it's too late Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  4. AMX Gaming

    MAMA IS SCARY!! (Tattletail Finale)

    This is the final episode of tattletail will we die in this finale, will mama take back her children? find out what happens in this tattletail gameplay. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  5. Warlock Boo

    The Expressionless

  6. TheInsaneOtaku

    TheInsaneOtaku - Check out my channel and my newest video!

    Hey everyone! Thanks for clicking on this post and checking me out! My channel is primarily let's plays usually in the horror genre. I would love any feedback, I'm always trying to improve. Have a great day everyone! https://www.youtube.com/TheInsaneOtaku
  7. AMX Gaming

    DreadOut: Keepers Of The Dark | The Ninja Strikes Again

    In this dreadout: keepers of the dark lets play, we take a look at room 103, get jump scared quite a few times and we also figure out how to beat room 102 so we take care of business. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day About dreadout: keepers of the dark is a new standalone horror...
  8. AMX Gaming

    Tattletail | No Mama No

    What's going on guys we are back with Tattletail this time we take on night 4 where we now face mama, along the way we find a friend. we try to play a friendly hide and seek game but with mama around....there's nothing friendly about this game, lol.
  9. LeftStick

    Resident Evil VII Collectathon

    I have been editing together some walkthroughs of me trying to collect all of the antique coins and bobbleheads. This is the first part where I kind of walk through the guest house and find the first antique coin after some doing. Let me know what you think, and any constructive criticism on...
  10. Warlock Boo

    The Genetic Experiment (creepypasta)

  11. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead | Pooch-Nuts

    In this gameplay of deadtruth the dark path ahead we head down the elevator and find pooch nuts a funny name that i give to these insanely mean wolves out for blood. about deadtruth the dark path ahead You play a character named Michael Anderson who's life from loss of his loved ones, turned...
  12. Joe Winko

    Voice Acting voice actors needed for Sims 2 slasher/horror film

    i'm looking for voice actors for my next upcoming sims 2 slasher/horror film DEAD ROUTE. It's going to be about a group of tourist who get stranded in a jungle in south america and then they have to escape from a family of inbred cannibals. It's based off the Wrong Turn movies. you could...
  13. AMX Gaming

    Freddy's Coming For You TJOC:R #1

    TJOC: R This is a FNaF Fan Game, Rain and thunder shake the earth, drowning it in water and loud noises. On this very night, you return home from your night out. But inside the home rest your inner devils, risen to claim what they have desired for so long. This in night 1 where we have to deal...
  14. Warlock Boo

    MaRIo (creepypasta/haunted gaming)

    MaRIo Your life ends in this castle
  15. BG Crew

    Outlast #9: Chunky like my body!

    Are you satisfied being a person?
  16. Warlock Boo

    She Watches, I Dance (creepypasta/grimdark/fanfiction)

    One night in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is having trouble going to sleep. A single candle lights her room, and the shadow of a strange being dances on the wall. ps: i accidentally let my video loop run longer then the video so my credits start later.
  17. AMX Gaming

    Polterheist | The Devil's Home

    You are a burglar, and you often rob houses at night when the owners are out. You usually pick an object somewhere in the remote parts where there are no eyewitnesses or any other things that could stop you. Today, you are going to rob a house not far from a little town in Kansas. It belongs...
  18. AMX Gaming

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent Finale

    This is the final episode of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. We assemble the orb, deal with the monster one last time and face Alexander. It's been an amazing ride so far and i now know why this game is still considered o be one of the best horror games to date Thank You For Watching, Have A Very...
  19. Courtney Candice

    Common mistake in horror movies

  20. AMX Gaming

    DreadOut Keepers Of The Dark: Ghost Rider

    in this dreadout keepers of the dark episode we take on room 102, we find some sort of a ghost rider and we also deal with a lot of jump scares along the way. Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day about dreadout keepers of the dark: is a new standalone horror game that takes place in...
  21. AMX Gaming

    Horror Of The Deep: Nothin But Death

    horror of the deep: in this episode we dive deeper into the scariness, we meet faster enemies which are also very scary and so many deaths, jump scares and funny moments.
  22. Aaron Mendoza

    Resident Evil 7 Series! [PC Walkthrough]

    Hey guys do today i uploaded a Resident Evil 7 video part 1 though more to come as i finish the game! :) I never really played any resident Evil games so this was the first and i was a bit lost but i understand it now and i am sorta liking it. It's honestly scary and i only played the first...
  23. soldatcat

    NGHHHHH | resident evil 7 biohazard

    Hiya! I just posted my first video of my RESIDENT evil 7 playthrough :) it would be amazing if you guys could check it out!!! Thanks :)
  24. AMX Gaming

    Boogeyman 2 Gameplay: It Wants To Kill Me

    About Boogeyman 2 Awoken in the night by your doll. Speaking as if it possesses a mind of its own. The doll warns you of a monster that has come to take you away. Grab your flashlight and find the Boogeyman before he finds you!
  25. Warlock Boo

    Request I am in need of a new channel avatar

    I am in need of a new channel avatar. I would like one that better matches my character warlock boo and my channels them horror/comedy. it's an odd mix. i read creepypastas but add my own begging crypt keeper style and my own end again crypt keeper style. i am open to ideas but i do need it...
  26. Warlock Boo

    1 year on youtube yaaaaa

    I have been on youtube for a year now and have learned so much. from how to edit to write scrips. along with that my channel has changed so much in this time. I do wish i had come to gain more subscribers by this point but I am just happy i have come this far with my channel.
  27. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...
  28. Warlock Boo

    Other Horror youtuber looking to colab

    Hello there ghost and ghouls I am warlock a small horror/comedy youtuber who is looking to colab a video with some one. I usually do creepypastas but will change. there is one story want to do but need help with called "It has no face" if you are interested or want to do some thing else email...
  29. AMX Gaming

    Latest Horror Gameplay On Husk

    In this Husk Gameplay we begin our adventure, we are in a train it seems to be abandoned but why? something happens along the way and we crash. we end up in a town that also seems to be abandoned and has a ,very scary mystery. About husk: Husk is a down-to-earth survival-horror, about harm...
  30. AMX Gaming

    Horror Of The Deep Alpha Build (Early Access) Gameplay #1

    Horror Of the Deep is an early access game where we descend to scarier levels than the previous, each level has something new including puzzles, monsters and what looks like cells for captive prisoners. About Horror Of The Deep Alpha Build DIVE INTO THE DEEP Fallen into a giant old dungeon...