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  4. PhoenixAnimus

    Lock and Load | Cry of Fear (Extended Edition)

    So yeah, I got a gun and it made me want to sing, like seriously this video was so fun to record and you should totally check it out...oh and leave your opinions on the video on how I can improve please Also I'm trying to hit 350 subscribers before the end of the month.
  5. Dynamont

    Feedback On Outlast 2 Video? | Dynamont

    Hey guys! So I know if you watch a lot of gaming YouTubers your sub box has just been drowned in Outlast 2 Demo videos at the moment :P But I just uploaded my own video on the demo and I was wondering if I could get other peoples opinion on it? Maybe what you like / dislike about the way I...
  6. MidKnight

    What kind of dark experiments were carried out here? - Lethe Episode 1

    Whatever happened to the people here will have to remain a secret cause I'm not sticking around to end up like them, dead.
  7. Rallex

    Gaming 7 Days To Die Series! (Xbox One)

    I've been doing this series for a while and it's getting better each episode! Would love to get more viewers on the series because in my mind it's been very well so far! :) My Channel -> Rallex Would like to hear feedback :)
  8. MidKnight

    Bringing the beat-down in horror games, this guy doesn't stand a chance...Oh never mind

    Maybe I'll just hide in a corner for a bit, you know until it goes away.
  9. MidKnight

    Amnesia with superpowers? - Lethe Episode 1

    Slowly becoming one of my favourite indie horror games, based on Amnesia The Dark Descent and now with bonus telekinesis abilities. This is awesome, come and check it out even if you're not a fan of horror games. Also my thumbnail makes it look like I have either massive hands or a tiny body...
  10. Dynamont

    Channel Feedback Request

    Hey! So I'm new to the YTTALK forums. I actually just posted up my "Introduction" thread. :) I was wondering if anyone had some spare time on their hands to possibly stop by my channel and check out a few videos and then give some honest opinions? :) I'm always looking for ways I can better...
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  12. whats_good

    No Jumpscare? No horror.

    Feedback appreciated.
  13. leonshadows

    Video review if you have the time please!

    So I hardly ever play any horror type games. I made a play through of The Park. I was curious if you all wouldn't mind looking at this first part and letting me know what I can do to make it better or take away anything that is not needed. You are more than welcome to check out the whole play...
  14. MariachiGaming

    Resident Evil 7 Demo - FARMER SPOOKY PANTS!!

    Hey guys! We checked out the Resident Evil 7 Demo earlier and had a blast playing it! Thought we'd share it with you guys, hope you enjoy! :nailbiting::nailbiting::pompus::nailbiting:
  15. MeltedPebbles

    Couple plays Horror Game (JUMPSCARES)

    Hey guys! So in this video we attempt to beat the horror game Homesick. If you enjoy the video be sure to click our channel button and check us out!