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Dice Rollen

Loving YTtalk
Hey, I've never started/hosted a collab before, but I've come up with an idea for one.

The basic idea is that if you have a horror/macabre/weird centered channel I'd like to put together a sort of montage/best of trailer with clips of some of your best videos. It would be like showcasing other creative & creepy creators out there. Ideally I'd like to upload this project in October or the end of December this year.

So if you'd like to be apart of this then just leave a comment down below letting me know how to get to your channel so I can add you to the list. There are just a few "rules" though.

  • Obviously this is meant for channels that make horror or creepy related content. If a majority of your videos are this, you're in. If you've done a handful like this, but your focus is something else I'm afraid that won't work.
  • I want to include as many channels as possible so sub count doesn't matter. (I'd like to think that if you're a smaller channel then those with more exposure can help out here.)
  • Remember, leave a comment saying you'd like to join in & let me know what your channel is so I can take a look.
Hi Dice Rollen,
My channel has nothing to do with horror but I made a horror short film. Its not listed on Youtube yet but I can send you the link. You can use the film in your montage if you want.
-Max Power
Well, like I said I'm trying to stick with mostly(if not completely) horror centered channels. But I'll take a look at your film & see if I can get more people to join in. :)
Well i'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but more channel is for the Paranormal.
I'm just getting started at the moment, but i'm happy to colab in the future about spooky stuff!
I have some footage of creepy locations I've been to (both night vision and by torchlight). There's more than what's on my channel, I just haven't edited in yet.
If you want to collab I'm totally down for that.
Maybe you can send me some details? :)
Hey there lol, not sure if my videos would really count, but content wise they fall under your theme. Just, they are not super interesting in some cases, or are rather slow in others..