1. ShawnMcCallum

    10 Years ago I would never have thought it was possible to make a short film like this!

    Film Synopsis: One year after his wife went missing, a fisherman returns to the lake she was last seen. After finding a mysterious object the fisherman is led onto the lake in an attempt to find his love... Any Feedback, thoughts, or critiques would be most welcome! Thanks for watching!
  2. C

    Starting off with horror games for October.

    I've been trying kick off the month by playing some horror games that I have. and probably debating what to for halloween as well too. What do y'all do for halloween.
  3. Stefanie Davis

    What do you do if the killer is in the house, and you're on the toilet?

    We made this short film for the My Rode Reel competition. Concept came from a couple friends with too much wine making fun of horror movies. Enjoy
  4. Courtney Candice

    Halloween haul

    I know it’s not Halloween anymore, this was filmed in October. I just wanted to share this video any ways:)
  5. Jaise

    Animation "Apocrypha" A Not-So-Original Action Comedy Series

    4-7 ANIMATORS NEEDED: This series will require a lot of work and it will be made easier the more people get on board. Adding to this, 8/12 planned episodes will only have a month and eight days to complete. Source Filmmaker would most likely be the easiest to work with since models could simply...
  6. Nikki120113

    Happy Halloween!

    A short halloween clip I made plainly just to do everything else except study & do my assignment XD Hope you guys like it! DISCLAIMER **Majority of it is my own filmed footage, however there are some short royalty free clips/images in there** Music from: Epidemic Sound
  7. Dutchie Abroad

    First time pumpkin carving!

    Watch me carve a pumpkin for the first time! And not just a face, but a Charmander =D
  8. AnejKGaming

    Short Film 12 days of Christmas!

    Hello, Me and my Art High School are making a Christmas themed youtube videos. We got an idea that we would post 12 videos because there are 12 days of Christmas. We have all video ideas written down but we are struggling with scripts. We wrote a main story (frame) but we dont know how to turn...
  9. Courtney Candice

    Types of people on Halloween

  10. Courtney Candice

    Top 10 Halloween movies

  11. Courtney Candice

    Halloween haul 2017

  12. Pierre Maynard

    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - If I Had A Gun (Cover)

    Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! So my next Cover is now on Youtube, and Iv'e decided to steer away from Ed Sheeran and show a bit of classic Noel Gallagher :D So far i am enjoying producing Covers songs and i love the fact that people are engaging that is a huge bonus for me so thank you...
  13. Toasters

    Voice Acting Need Professional Voice Actor for Halloween video

    Hello there everyone, this is a follow up from my earlier post where i posted some unspecific things. Let me clear it up. I need a professional voice actor who's had experience and can do it for free. Requirements: Must be over 16. Must have experience with voice acting. Must have examples of...
  14. ARealHuman

    History of Haunted Houses in PC Games (Halloween Special)

    The History of Haunted Houses in PC games is a Halloween special featuring some of the most memorable, spooky, and terrifying video games from the early 90s to the end of the decade. I would love any and all feedback.
  15. Eve And Brian

    Hey E & B Squad!!! Check Out This Cool Zombie Apocalypse Halloween (Skit) We Did...

  16. Eve And Brian

    Hey E & B Squad!!! Check Out This Cool Zombie Apocalypse Halloween (Skit) We Did...

  17. Courtney Candice

    The Halloween tag

  18. Spuntillian

    Halloween Themed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

    :poop:Hi again good folks!:poop: I uploaded another Mario Kart video right after the other (reason being they were connected from the beginning hehe whatevs). If you're watching this late at night u might get SPOOKED! Well, you should i guess, or else i'll be disappointed xD. Well here it is...
  19. Courtney Candice

    Top 10 Halloween movies

  20. SoccerBrosTv

    Short Film Movie

    SoccerBrosT is making a Short Film about Soccer. Since it's October, we want to make an insane 5-10 min Scary Movie episode. We just need ideas to help us out... Anyone have ideas?! Please help out... *We want to make this Season 1 with 5 episodes!!!**
  21. Courtney Candice

    Types of people on Halloween

  22. Zomboy Productionz

    Short Film Looking for filmmakers to submit creepy clips for a Halloween Countdown!

    Hey all! I am running a Halloween Countdown this year where filmmakers submit creepy clips for each of the countdown days. After you email me, I will give you your assigned countdown number and you must make a creepy clip incorporating that number that is 15 to 30 seconds. (Sort of like the...
  23. Courtney Candice

    Types of people on Halloween

  24. Warlock Boo

    Voice Acting Halloween special Help needed please,

    hello there I am Warlock BOO and I am looking for Some people to help me with my Halloween special. I am currently needing voice actors mostly. But animators and artist are welcomed. I want to get different people reading different horror stories/creepypastas/redit post's and to put them all...
  25. Dice Rollen

    Other Horror Channel Montage

    Hey, I've never started/hosted a collab before, but I've come up with an idea for one. The basic idea is that if you have a horror/macabre/weird centered channel I'd like to put together a sort of montage/best of trailer with clips of some of your best videos. It would be like showcasing other...
  26. Marseekuy

    Halloween Vlog

    I don't usually do vlogs, but on Halloween my day seems very interesting :) Check it out:
  27. CelyD87


    Hi guys, Watch Jordan a 2 year old go trick or treating for the first time in Orange County CA wearing a batman costume. Includes toy egg surprises at the end. If I can improve on anything please let me know with a comment below:) Thanks, Jordans Adventures and Toys
  28. C

    Terrified All the Kids Coming To My House for Halloween 2016!

  29. RodStormTV


  30. JRuncie

    Happy Halloween.... and the beginning of packing