1. Danny.K


  2. Branden Morales


    I love making videos for the holidays! Not sure what I'm going to do this year with Halloween coming up! Just wanted to know if anybody is doing videos for the holiday! :D
  3. B.A.H.B

    Halloween Theme!! Critique Please :)

    So on our gaming channel we just recently started to use webcam to record our reaction of us playing Halloween Theme games and did a new intro for our vids! What do you guys think? lighting off, Webcam gets in the way, ect anything helps! :)
  4. Jareditton

    Top 10 Games Not to Play Alone in The Dark

    Happy Halloween!
  5. dumbotv

    Comedy Let's Make A Halloween Prank Together!

    Hello guys, Jaryd here from DumboTV. It's almost Halloween so I would like to make a Halloween prank together with other prank(st)ers. Tell me where you would like to do this prank, I live in Belgium, so keep it in distance. Stay awesome!
  6. AbeAdams1

    Vloggers at Halloween?!?!

    So it's that time of the year when the leaves are falling of the trees and everybody is sporting warm colours. I really want a seasonally relevant video to post in the next couple of weeks but don't want to be clichè and just vlog a Halloween party. Let's all spread some ideas and stimulate a...
  7. J

    "Little Shop of horrors" (1986) Review

    I review a horror musical comedy about a man eating plant!
  8. GrgakGames

    Land of the Dead RTFG - GrgakGames

  9. The SlowSpawn

    Gaming Halloween Group World at War Zombie Special

    I have 2 friends who want to do this and will pay for the game id like one more guy (or gal) around the age of 15 to 20. Decent quality audio. You need the game world at war and internet that can connect to us (im midwest but my friends who host will be in florida). Don't cuss to much. Last...
  10. Jon Brooks

    Happy Halloween - Haunted House Prank

    Happy Halloween Haunted House Prank. Pay special attention to the woman in the window! Music and Sound Design: Jon Brooks Music "Deeper Realms" © 2005 Jon Brooks Editing: Jon Brooks Motion Backgrounds/Visual Effects: Thanks to TubeTapeAds, CMStudios, IgniteMotion, DDigitalDonkey. Youtube...
  11. VloggingRonnie

    You know Burger King's black Halloween burger? I made a smoothie out of it....*vomit alert*

    At first taste, not bad, but certainly not good.
  12. GrgakGames

    Gaming Need another game editor! Collab!

    Hi! I'm looking to collab with someone that wants to do something for Halloween! I use a handful of programs and if you use something similar that would be awesome! Send me a message on here or comment below if interested!