growing a channel

  1. RandyFromTandy

    Secret To Growing Channel

    #1 Strategy: Don't waste your time and work. We all know that YouTube’s notifications work sporadically and channels get taken down for arbitrary reasons only known to YouTube. These are problems because missed notifications lower your video views and a channel take down causes work loss and...
  2. BryanWalsh

    YouTube Help?

    Hello everyone, my name is Bryan Walsh and I am a small youtuber with about 100 subs and looking to grow more. I mainly make weekly cinematography vlogs in my hometown in New Hampshire and do the occasional tech reviews. I would really appreciate if anyone could check out some of my videos and...
  3. Lieutenant Terraria

    Any YouTubers that could boost my channel?

    I have put a lot of effort into my channel and it hasn't really gained much, but i do not want to throw it away as over time i think it can grow. i have about 35 subs and over 800 views combined. My best video has over 30 views, I want to branch out to history videos instead of gaming and wanted...

    Vlog Looking for beauty collaborations in Las Vegas, Let’s be friends!

    Hi friends :) Im a small YouTuber from Las Vegas looking to Collab with channels involving beauty or lifestyle! I also just want to support anyone who is just starting out & taking this YouTube thing seriously. Keep going, I’m with you! Let’s work together! -PAMELA
  5. HollyInTheSky

    All about Engagement - How do YOU do it?

    Hey everyone, So as you have read from the title I am curious as to how you all keep your audience (big or small) engaged in your videos? Sure, having subscribers to actually subscribe to your channel is one thing, but getting your new or older subscribers to Actually engage in your content is...
  6. Pedro Nascimento

    YouTube Timelines - Share yours!

    I have been making videos and learning for the past 4 years but I never got that big jump as some people say that when a big channel with finds 1 one your videos, shares it and you start growing an audience much faster than before. Or, just suddenly you make a viral video that jumps up your...
  7. Bro D

    My Channel Seems Stagnant?

    I started out my youtube channel great. I hit 15 subscribers in no time at all. Granted mostly friends but still, I was off to a decent start. Even after that, I seemed to hit 20 subscribers within the next week or so. And it feels like I have not gained a single subscriber within the last month...
  8. sequan123

    Just hit over 900 subs

    I am so happy the way things are going for my channel I'm now over 900 subs I'm really looking forward to reach 1000 subscribers soon.
  9. OldNotDead


    I hit 1000 views with 26 subs....Feel pretty exited right now!Wow, Sorry guys...I posted this a couple days ago....To be fair, I didn't have my coffee yet this morning!!! #not wake How do I delete a thread I posted here? Can it even been done?
  10. OldNotDead

    Just past 1000 views!!!

    Pretty happy as I just past 1000 views! Not too shabby with a very few subs. For those that have sub, thank you. Hope you continue to enjoy my videos. Cheers Scott
  11. OldNotDead

    Doing what the gurus tell me to do, still very little growth!

    I have watched several (100s) of videos from so called "You Tube gurus" and still have very little (very slow) following their so called advice. Has anyone else followed their advice and had slow to little growth? Or am I being impatient?
  12. karramsos

    Advice for growing my channel

    Hi. This is my first post and I hope I'm not irritating anyone. I am new to Youtube and I've uploaded 72 videos and I'm mostly teaching about Python programming and data analysis. I've got 90 subscribers so far and I'm looking for advice on how to grow the audience. Is anyone doing something...
  13. Samuel Donner

    Just reached 50 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

    My channel seems to be growing so fast! I have twice the amount of subscribers last week and it only keeps going up! I'm thinking I should start posting twice a week with more consistency now, So far I've been doing every Sunday and then some random day in between. Does anyone have any advice...
  14. Xaegoba

    Gaming Ps4 collab group!!

    Hey I'm currently in a average sized ps4 group and we've been looking to expand our collabs preferably were looking for Youtubers 16+ with some subs we play everything from GTA V to Destiny Hmu in the replies below of your interested..
  15. Johnny Kag

    Being discovered by new audience

    Hi fellow youtubers! Nowadays it is way more difficult to be discovered by new people than it used to be, and if somebody ends up watching your videos, the chances of him subscribing are very small. A few years ago, youtubers were still in the making, they were fewer, and thus they would be...
  16. tlegacytv

    How did you make friends/collab on YouTube?

    I have seen others that would be great to collab with but I don't want to look desperate. Also I don't have many subscribers so if I collab with someone with a couple 100 or 1000 it would not really benefit them. It seems kind of weird to ask someone too lol. Would you be weirded out if some...
  17. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Garry's Mod (PC) Live Stream | Joinable Game If You Like

    I am trying to get used to this game
  18. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) | Join The Dark Side Live Stream

  19. Anjim

    Re: Zero Epsiode 18 Rem Is A Ride Or Die Chick Review

    Subaru rejects Rem in this epsiodes
  20. Anjim

    Both of my channels losing subs in a minute

    As you all know that I run two channel anjim plays ( upload ever Wednesday) and anjim 2.0 (upload ever Mondays). When I upload a 2-5 videos someone unsub because I did sub4sub ( I don't know about it until later on). I know people say : I don't worry about subs but you will need them to grow...
  21. Anjim

    Don't Put Your Wishlist On Youtube And Other Channels Rant

    I can't stand doing this!
  22. Anjim

    Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) Live Stream

    Me playing towers and try to play online
  23. Anjim

    Do You Love Or Hate Berserk 2016 Series?

    Do you think the animation is bad in Berserk 2016 series
  24. Anjim

    Life Is Strange (PS4) Live Stream

    Part 2 is coming up next week
  25. Anjim

    Does Donatations To Youtube And Twitch Channels Help You?

    The question is that are donation help you or it's a scam?
  26. Anjim

    My Anime Harem And Waifu Story

    Please don't laugh I love me some anime women lol
  27. Anjim

    Can Izuku Defeat All Might In Battle?

    Anybody watch My Hero Acadamia? This video is for you
  28. Anjim

    Why I Am Not Growing On Youtube? Am I Bad Youtuber?

    I normally post this on Monday by I want to get this off my chest.
  29. Anjim

    Does Adword Boost Your Subs And Views?

    I was just wondering should you invested in some money and uses google adwords to get your channel off the ground quickly. As for me, I am investing right now on adword to promote channels and I don't want my bank account to be clean that's option 2. Option 1 is collab, networking and creating...
  30. DivideAndConquer

    Can Someone Please Explain Youtubes SEO To Me Like I'm Five

    Hi My name is Trevor! :) Now ive looked at 100s of Youtube videos that supposedly explain how youtubes SEO works and how to optomise it but they all do the same thing and go into supper technical talk that i swear is for rocket scientists. lol anyway if anyone could explain it to me as though i...