garrys mod

  1. Treedeluxe

    Gaming PC collab Garry's mod, Gta 5, l4d2 etc

    Im looking for someone to callab with: before you message me make sure you have: - a decent microphone - speak english - be at least 16 im looking for someone thats my age (im 17) - Have some uploads on your channel so i would be able to see some of your content before we collab - Timezone CET i...
  2. I

    Gaming 15 year old Muslim Funny Moments Youtuber looking for collabs on PC or Xbox one. Long term group idm

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  3. MangoDude


    Hey so i am looking for someone i can play games with, Record videos and we can basically grow together on youtube. I am currently on 126 subscribers 14+ years old please We can play games like GTA V, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, And many other games And decent audio and video :D
  4. Brandzor

    Garrys Mod Horror Map - Nyctophobia - All s***s & No Giggles

    If you'd like to see a grown man attempt to save his Nan and s**t himself in the process, then this video is for you... F**K YOU NAN. Enjoy my Garrys Mod Horror map playthrough!
  5. Brandzor

    GMod: Kingdom RP! Episode 1 - The Newborn King

    O' my lord! There's a new king of the Reach, but who could it be? Jesus? Anakin? Not Gandalf? Well, you could surely find out if you check out my latest GMod video! LONG LIVE THE KING (YES?)
  6. Logic Eye

    Gaming Looking for a youtube partner? Then your at the right place :) Maybe...

    PC!!! Hello, im LogicEye (Youtube name) and im looking for another partner or 5. We are 2 persons right now, me and my friend, who is making videos (right now i have no content up, that means no non-friend subscribers, and my friend have like 40 subs :) In this group there is no...
  7. crown loyal

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Olympics! (collab)

    How this is going to work. We will be selecting 5 channels to collab with my channel. There will be a gold/silver/bronze medal for each event. Gold = 3 points Silver = 2 points Bronze = 1 point Game Requirements for this -Garry's Mod -Left for Dead 2 -Just random browser games (no downloads...
  8. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming PC Gamer Looking to callab

    I'm a guy that plays many games on my youtube and I want to do a collab with someone. Requirements - Age 15+ subs do not matter good-ish mic I mostly like to play games like - Minecraft (with or without mods) Garry's Mod Unturned If you are interested tell me your age and skype in the comments
  9. crown loyal

    Gaming YT gaming collab (16+)

    I'm going to keep this short and simple. Looking to begin making gaming videos again and i'm looking for some people to collab with. Games we'd probably play: -Garry's Mod -GTA V -LFD2 -Rust -Random flash games in browser (free and no DL so no worries) Small list of requirements im looking for...
  10. AchillestheHunter


    Hi! My name is AchillestheHunter but many call me Achilles. I have a few friends in a non-official group we started. We are getting ready to start putting videos up and are looking for more people to play with. New youtubers or if you already have started come join us! We want to mostly play...
  11. JassenBow


    Our gaming group currently consists of six members with the majority of us having over a thousand subscribers. We are all about entertaining our viewers and try to stay as active as possible. We play a variety of different games but our main ones would have to be Call of Duty, Custom Zombies...
  12. P

    Gaming Looking for someone to chill and play games with (Ages 13-16)

    I'm currently 14 years old and I'm tryna find someone to collab with and overall have a good time with. I'll play pretty much anything on steam if I have it or can afford it(I own: Garrys mod, Don't Starve Together, and Killing Floor and I am willing to buy games as well). If you are interested...
  13. Zenzic

    Gaming Youtube Collaborations Only PC

    Hello There!!!!! Im Not New In The Youtube Community I have been doing this for about 2 years now and i love it. I been wanting to colab with different people for a long time now because I love meeting new people and love getting to know new people. I mostly play GTA 5 And Garrys Mod so if...
  14. Cosmical

    Gaming Looking for a person to make YouTube videos with

    Hi I am currently looking for a YouTuber that plays the games GTA V CS:GO Gmod and possible other games aswell If you're interested hmu
  15. HobbesGaming

    Gaming Garrys mod, TTT, Prop hunt and etc.

    Hey there, my name/alias is Hobbes. As a hobby I've started making youtube videos. It's fun to make them but I think it could be more so doing it with other people. I'm looking for a few people who can work flexibly with one another to organise and record, or if you just want to play for the fun...
  16. Spreadacinni

    Gaming Looking for Content-Driven Gamers Ages 20+

    Let's get down to it. I want to build a dynamic, gaming group of around 3-4 people. I don't care how many subs you have, all I care about is chemistry-driven content. I'm not going to just select the first person who responds to this. Our personalities have to work off one another (I'm 24 so we...
  17. SauceOne

    INDIANA JOEL - Gmod Adventure Map Funny Moments (Garry's Mod)

    Just put out a brand new Garry's Mod Adventure Map Funny Moments video.... featuring myself as Indiana Jones, Bad Candy as Snoop Dogg, and PizzaBreads as OctoDad: