Gaming PC collab Garry's mod, Gta 5, l4d2 etc


Im looking for someone to callab with:
before you message me make sure you have:
- a decent microphone
- speak english
- be at least 16 im looking for someone thats my age (im 17)
- Have some uploads on your channel so i would be able to see some of your content before we collab
- Timezone CET i usually record at 3-4 pm
feel free to message me if you want to callaborate.
Skype: mikipejcinovski
twitter: @Treedeluxe
Hey Man saw your channel. Seems amazing. I am willing to collab. I am planning to record Gmod funny moments video. I hope you would be fine with that.
I am 16...and I believe I have a decent mic.
Reply back if you wanna collab.
Anyways Stay Awesome.