feedback on channel

  1. N

    Channel Feedback

    Hey guys I just want to know your opinion on my channel and what I need to do to improve the channel here’s the link to the channel. YouTube Channel: Just in case the other link doesn’t work so I just put it in
  2. Dutchie Abroad

    A 100 subs! Now what?

    Hello everyone~ So, as some of you might know, my channel hit a 100 subs about a week ago. Sadly, for some reason, both my amount of new subs and my amount of views have decline considerably after that. Now, I don't know if it is due to the time of year (everyone is pretty busy with school...
  3. Pedro Nascimento

    I Have Been Told My Videos Look Good, WHAT'S WRONG?

    I have been making videos for a couple years already and learned a lot until today. Lately I have been receiving some comments and some people personally saying my videos look very good. Personally not being full of myself, I like my videos, there is lots of work to do and I know I can get...
  4. Tac0cann0n

    A Focus on Edits or not?

    I've been creating videos for a few years now, and it's gotten to the point where I am comfortable editing videos and adding my own personal twist to them. The question I have though is this; How much editing is too much editing? I want to create my content to be as entertaining as possible...
  5. MasterEth

    Feedback about my channel please?

    I specifically would appreciate feedback regarding my channel art and some of my most recent videos. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well!!! :D
  6. TheOmegaOni

    Review: Would like channel branding and SEO feedback

    Hello, anyone reading this! I would like a channel review and some feedback. I feel like I'm doing a great job, but nothing is really happening. I would like my channel's thumbnails, art/branding etc. reviewed, as well as a review of if I have my SEO set up well. Thanks!
  7. FunWithTheBugs

    Toy Reviews and Family Vlogs - Would Love Some Feedback on our Channel

    Hi all, we started our YouTube journey about 5 months ago and our channel really evolved from from where we started. We originally just started making videos with knowing nothing about anything really. No skills or experience with video editing or graphics at all. Was just my son and me behind...
  8. sabrinafabulous

    New gaming channel: NEED feedback

    I have a low view count and only 21 subscribers so I don't get very much traffic on my videos. I am just starting out, and don't have any fancy equipment at the moment. I would like some constructive feedback on my videos and what I can do to improve content-wise. Any thoughts or suggestions are...
  9. Rallex

    Need Feedback On My Channel! :D

    Hi! I've been stuck with around 500 Subscribers for a solid three to four months with only around 20-50 views on a video and I'd like to hear some feedback on what I should do on the channel for more views and if my Thumbnails are good, what I could do better at and such :) Would love to see...
  10. K

    Would love some feedback on my content!

    Just give me your honest opinion about my recent videos, and anything that could be improved. Thanks!
  11. S.A.D

    Need feeback...on anything really

    as the title says. We need feedback fro our channel and just how we can improve. we tend to get rather healthy views, but few subs. started in feburay and so far only at 76. don't no weather that growth is normal or not, hopefully you can help us out.
  12. Anjim

    No More Gaming Channel

    Hey Yttalk sorry I have not been here for while real life situations but I just want to say I delete my Anjim Plays gaming channel for "unfortunate circumstances" So I decided to put some gaming content on my main channel but I always up for collabs and feedback on my channel. I also created a...
  13. JRuncie

    Fourth Video... Are we on the right track?

    Hey All, Brand new to YouTube. If you jump into my profile, or onto our YouTube channel you'll get the full story. I am looking for constructive feedback on the last video we posted. (see link below) I would give them a C rating presently. Sound consistency is not there yet, story flow is a...
  14. MrButlerC

    I'm a new channel and looking for feedback and review.

    I'm a new channel which only have 7 Subscriber and recently I uploaded a new video and I really really want to know what do you think about my video. I'm not promoting but I want to know what other people think about my videos. Thanks before!
  15. Horse Punch

    Review my channel pleeeease

    so I just posted my 4 (or 3 I'm not sure lol ) but I really enjoy it and want to expand on my video quality it would mean so much to me if anyone gave me feedback a link to my latest guide :
  16. KanesThoughts

    No Holds Barred Gaming Channel Advice

    Hi, I am Kane, I have a Vlog Channel, and i recently started a Gaming channel. i would love if you could pick apart my videos and Channel so that i can know what is working, for instance what is enjoyable, and what is hindering to the viewer, any advice would be gloriously appreciated...
  17. JoubleDumpers

    Would love some feedback on our YouTube channel

    Hi, Myself and a couple of friends have a YouTube channel dedicated to casual gaming and generally having some fun. We have been posting videos almost daily for about 2/3 months now. We would love some feedback on things you like & of course things you dislike. Our latest videos have our new...
  18. matharris99

    Review my channel & give some feedback!!!!

    yesterday i uploaded my 2nd video on my channel, it's doing quite well at the moment so just wanted some more feedback on my channel in general and my latest video, always looking to improve!
  19. BMHD

    Do you get enough feedback?

    My channel is still small so there are not many people who could give me feedback but those who watch my videos don't give any feedback either. Do you guys get enough comments with advices or tips on your videos? Personally if I see a video that I like I tell them what I liked and what they...
  20. ShawnMcCallum

    Struggling to grow my channel's audience

    This summer I finally committed to my YouTube channel. I have decided to make new videos every week and have been creating adventure Vlogs as a way to achieve this. I'm proud of my content and feel people will really enjoy my videos but I'm struggling to gain any real momentum and find an...
  21. S.A.D

    Could you please review our gaming/tv/movie review channel

    Personally i think it's pretty solid and it does not follow he same rules as other gaming channels. (You will see why) We have gotten positive feedback (from complete strangers), but you can never have too much feedback. the link should be working below. Thanks for your time. P.S. If you have...
  22. K

    Please give me some feedback for my channel!

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback from my channel! I would love some feedback on my content and editing! ^_^ I would really be appreciative and thankful! Thank you so much!
  23. LeatherArmchairSociety

    Need tips on how to grow a brand new channel!

    Hey everyone! We are The Leather Armchair Society and we just started a new channel about a week ago. We have nearly 30 subscribers that are 100% made up of friends and family, we are now ready to break through that and start building an audience outside of that. What are some things that you...
  24. Sir Stellar

    Feedback Needed!

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone can review my 3 latest videos and provide some feedback on what i should do better for my next upload! Every piece of feedback is welcome and dont be scared of being harsh. At the end of the day all the feedback received will be to make my content better, and...
  25. Pierre Maynard

    My first entertainment video! What do you all think? :)

    So i have recently just uploaded a new video called The Whisper challenge, Which i have never done a video about. I would like to know what was good about the video, and what was bad about the video. :) I would also like to know what other things i can add in my videos, and what other...
  26. Jake Grove

    Feedback on my GTA and COD funny moments channel :)

    I'm looking for some feedback on my channel. I have videos on Grand Theft auto 5, Call of Duty, and some other games. Thx for the feedback. Wanting to do collabs to if interested.
  27. RickysVlogs

    New Vlogger, I'm Looking for Honest Feedback

    Hello, I'm a new vlogger, decided to capture my days, and post as often as I can. I would love to get some honest feedback on my videos and channel, and on what I can improve or things I perhaps should not do, anything helps. Thank you very much!
  28. HyDraid

    Give me good feedback plz, not basic

    So I have my channel almost 2 weeks, almost 200 subscribers and 4 video's. But I want some feedback: 1. My Channel layout 2. My Thumbnails 3. Quality And maybe other things, just let me know :) - Thanks ^^
  29. SOSA

    3 year old channel looking for feedback

    Hello, I'm wanting to start taking youtube more seriously and upload more often(been uploading off an on for about 3 years or so). So I'm looking for some feedback on my newer videos, (The mount and blade bannerlord videos), i don't need feedback on the video games I've developed in the past on...
  30. SandManOnly

    Feedback On My Channel And Everything In It!

    So I want all of you to give me a honest opinion on my channel, do you enjoy the videos, are they interesting to watch, are they cringey or are they just total s**t and wast of atoms? I want your honest opinion so I know what kind of videos to make, and what not to make. And any kind of...