feedback on channel

  1. SandManOnly

    Simply The Best Feedback

    Hello people of the world, so today I uploaded my first video of my new series called "Simply The Best" (duhh its in the title) and I just wanted some feedback, any feedback would be appreciated, if I missed anything about the game tell me in the comments on the videos or here, or if I got my...
  2. Y

    Need some Feedback on my channel!

    Hey guys! Hope you're having a great day so far. I was just going to say if you want to check out my channel and give me some feedback then that would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  3. C

    Even I think my video is kinda weird

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to youtube, and I only started because I had a bunch of weird ideas for videos stuck in my head. I just decided to go for it, and that's how my first video was made. I'd love to get some feedback, here's the link: Thanks everyone.
  4. BinateGaming

    Feedback for our new gaming channel 'BinateGaming'

    Hey-yo peeps thanks for taking your time to read my post. BinateGaming is a two man collab channel and we create gameplays for Minecraft and GTA V. So far two videos are uploaded to this new channel and I would like feedback from it. channel...