Do you get enough feedback?


I've Got It
My channel is still small so there are not many people who could give me feedback but those who watch my videos don't give any feedback either. Do you guys get enough comments with advices or tips on your videos?
Personally if I see a video that I like I tell them what I liked and what they could improve at.
Nope I feel the same, if somebody comments it is usually a meme or somebody saying good video.
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I get it quite a lot for a small YouTuber if I can say so myself. But then again I also share it with my friends but they only comment in dm's on my videos, never on the actual video itself.
Maybe you should try and share your video a bit more with others! That'll help you get on the map
I get nice comments/feedback, but several people whom I met on this forum will give comments that include constructive criticism and that has been very helpful.
It's very rarely a stranger will give feedback in my actual video. I would say it's 1% of 10% who will (1 out of every 1,000 views). I get most of my feedback through friends, people in this forum and in Reddit comments. When I first started my channel, I used to message 3-5 friends a day asking for feedback, this helped a lot.
Only my wife sadly enough, I'm very critical on myself on things I need to improve, some comments from this forum also helped. It's a pity the review portion of this forum is a bit quiet with people analysing other people's channels.