1. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    10 DIY Mobile Phone Holder Life Hacks

    Watch these cool diy mobile phone holder life hacks and have fun!
  2. Jenni Nexus

    Milestones :-)

    Hi friends - just thought I'd chime in with some milestones I'm kinda proud of: Broke 3800 subs on my main channel recently - woo hoo! Broke 200 subs on my fashion-based DIYwithJenni channel Got my audio setup configured to accommodate voice acting.. made a new Playlist: Voice Acting ★ Jenni...
  3. MissLexiJ

    Beauty/Makeup Ladies/Guys 18+ Wants To Collaborate With Lexi J

    Hey My names Lexi, I'm 20 born and raised in South Florida. I'm looking to collaborate as A beginner to the YouTube world. I want to start my channel off with long lasting memories full of fun! I want to support each other to grow our channels. Pick your votes to let me know which you're...
  4. Kecha.L

    Feedback on my very first DIY?

    So I recently made my first DIY video of tassel Garlands! I love doing DIY projects so I decided to film one as I was doing it! The quality isn't as good as some but I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism on this video and tips on how to make my video better since I would like my...
  5. Porcelainparasite

    Other Seeking 100+ sub channels for unique collaborations

    Hey everyone! I currently run two youtube channels, one with 25 subs and the other with 114. On the first I do vlogs and gaming content and on the other I do art, crafting, thrifting, and collecting videos. I would love to collaborate with anyone in a similar subscriber range on either of my...
  6. nyah sky

    3 hairstyles using a bandana

    Make simple hairstyles looks cooler with a bandana.
  7. gracie edwards

    Beauty/Makeup Collab!!! New YouTubers!!!!

    I am a new youtuber trying to make some friends on youtube! I would love to do a collab with anyone wiling thank you!!!
  8. J

    How to ACTUALLY accomplish your New Year's Resolutions!

    Let me know if this simple tutorial helped you out!
  9. Ohgoditskeith

    Christmas Haul and My Ghetto Sweatpants

    Hey guys !! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas/holiday/break :) Anyways, here's a video of what I got for Christmas including the COOLEST sweatpants I've ever seen, and a "cards" shirt ;) Hope you enjoy
  10. G

    looking for some feedback on my tech channel

    I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I...
  11. Shivani

    Beauty/Makeup YouTubers in NorCal!

    Hey everyone! My videos are primarily beauty and lifestyle related, however I'm really interested in expanding my channel. I'm more interested in working with people around 16-20 years old; I'd love to hear your ideas and work on a collab! If you guys are in NorCal and are interested in a...
  12. J

    First episode of a new comedy show. Any feedback would be great!

    Hello everyone I have created a new show on my channel based in DIY projects. It might not be what you would expect, so I would love some feedback on the shots, audio quality, and the comedy. Thanks for any replies!
  13. A

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on any beauty or DIY?

    Hey I'm looking to collab with anyone i would love if they had a lot of subscribers so they could help me out! It could be about whatever beauty Or diy video you want such as clothing makeup and ect. I don't mind the age really because I'm 13 but you are willing to collar i would really love it...
  14. GooberVlogs

    DIY Makeup For Men

    What do you guys think of my makeup tutorial? I am planning on doing a lot more makeup tutorials in the future ;)
  15. LindseyslifeNstyle

    Meet Up/Gathering Seattle youtubers

    Looking to meet other youtubers in Washington state. I have a lifestyle channel. Here's my link if you're interested in doing a collab!
  16. paulpyro

    Question - Stay Motivated During College

    Hey everyone, my name is Paul Pyro and I am a DIY YouTube Partner. I have been filming and editing for over 2.5 years and have built up a small but incredibly amazing group of subscribers. (2,300+) YouTube is just picking up for me and I am starting to get thousands of views a day, but my...
  17. VloggingRonnie


    Fun project. Now it's almost too nice to ride. Almost.
  18. GooberVlogs

    Banana Cream Pudding Makeup Tutorial

    I see so many DIY makeup tutorials that i decided to make my own delicious makeup tutorial... hope you all enjoy
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