1. Z

    How do likes influence your videos?

    Viewers liking or disliking your video helps by telling you, the creator, if people are enjoying the content or not. It also helps tell viewers if a video is worth checking out. Besides that, do likes have any other influence on videos? Do videos with more likes rank better and have a better...
  2. Quirkypoo


    Hey there, I got a dislike on my video today. I accept that were all going to encounter our first dislike, its just inevitable! But what I'm concerned about is whether that will effect people watching my videos and what not? Just wondered if anyone knew what the consequences of receiving...
  3. A

    Where in the world are all your dislikes/likes from?!

    So, The question is simple Where have the majority of dislikes on your videos come from, geographically? Most of mine come from MY OWN! The UK, second to that is the US (wow) and then Canada (but with a substantial drop) It's kind of the same for likes, though UK, US, Germany (cool!) What about...
  4. M

    Do dislikes count against you in any way?

    Hey guys, so I got a few dislikes on some of my videos and I'm wondering, how does this affect my channel if at all? Does getting dislikes give you a lower overall rating or put you lower on youtube's search ranking, or does it just count as "interaction" on the channel?
  5. Jonatan Moser

    Why do I get so many dislikes???

    Hi there! Okay, first off... I don't get MANY dislikes, but I do get some... And on some videos it's worse than others (obviously). I don't want to come off as 'whiney' or anything, I am just genuinly curious. The thing is that I seem to get a bit worse 'like/dislike' ratio on a lot of my videos...
  6. Elasmosaurus

    Negative One (-1) Dislikes?

    So I'm interested to know what the go is here. I've got negative one (-1) dislikes on one of my vids. So how does that happen? I'm not fretting or anything like that, just interested is all. Anyone got any ideas?
  7. DuncanT

    Where do haters go?

    Hey guys! So about a little more than a month ago I started getting my first ever hate. Yes, it actually kinda destroyed me. Seeing videos I spent hours and hours creating being disliked by some ungrateful people. But... I got less and less dislikes now?! Even on my last video I've got 0...
  8. SeanFace101

    What time period to you monitor over in your YouTube Analytics?

    When you are looking at your videos performances in your YouTube Analytics areas, what time do you you look at them over? :P Mine is set on the last 7 days, it used to be set to show the last 30 days. :P What is best?
  9. Peter_Brown

    The Good, Bad & Ugly Of Everyone Having A Voice

    Everyone wants to have a voice. This is one of the main draws of watching videos on YouTube. If I watch a video and have a comment to make, I can post it and have almost instant access to the video creator. What other video medium offers that kind of access? Tom Cruise will never read my...
  10. D

    Haters dislike my videos

    I have either a few or several hates on my new youtube channel. I think these people are jealous or envy the stuff I find so they just come to my channel and vote down on all my videos because I have a spike of dislikes of almost every single day. I show my haul videos what I buy and what I find...
  11. MinesomeMC

    Can someone dislike your video more than once?

    This guy who is a troll dislikes all my videos but instead of one dislike i get 5 and i go on his channel and his video which it has 9 views it has 20 likes! Someone help me i already blocked him and reported him but i just wondering if its possible!
  12. saBotage

    So about the dislikes...

    Hi, some time ago, i asked about the dislikes, because i'd never had a serious amount, as i had on the video it concerned. So i made a thread. All the feedback was really really nice, but i've come to a conclusion, which is not the same as i was told. Many answered and said, that i shouldn't...
  13. SeanFace101

    Does Having Alot of Likes Help?

    Does having a lot of likes on your YouTube videos help them in anyway get more views? and same question about Dislikes, do they have any bad effect on the video?
  14. Meghan Alex

    Rush of DISLIKES?

    I'm sure everyone had experienced dislikes, but honestly, this is going a bit far. Every single one of my videos were overpowered by dislikes to like ratios. I understand, people don't like a video, that's completely fine. But I've never received a negative comment or reply. What am I doing...
  15. P


  16. TrVlogs

    Idea for YouTube about disliking videos

    I think YouTube has talked about this before. I know some of us Youtubers have people who come to your channel to dislike a video because of a comment you made they did not agree with so they come all the way to your channel or subscribe to dislike your video. Not just once, but on a regular...