1. Masked Designs

    Opinions on my new logo?

    I made myself a new logo using the pen tool in Photoshop! What do you think of it? I used this as a reference image:
  2. MenAce

    Services (Free) Professional Intro's & Outro Videos

    Who Need An Intro Or Outro? I'm Your Guy, I'll Be Happy To Do It Free All I Ask For Is A Shout Out,& A Subscribe I Just Love To Help People. I Feel Like That's My Purpose Email me At: Contact me At Twitter: @MenAceTheLord Contact me At Facebook: Menace TheLord Thank...
  3. Harmonic Music

    Logo moving to music..anyone knows how to do it?

    Hey! I have a Music promotion channel where I upload one song every day. I want to improve my videos by making the logo move to the Music or having bars out from it that moves. However, I don`t know how to do it If anyone knows this, can you please tell me?:) Also, If you like house, tropical...
  4. Masked Designs

    Looking for some opinions on a YouTube banner!

    Hello, I recently made this banner based on The Division game. I would like to hear some of your opinions on it! *This is my first post here, if I am breaking any rules or this is the incorrect section, please let me know!
  5. F

    Services Affordable and high quality Youtube thumbnails and channel art!

    Hello everybody! FelsiopDesigns here, looking to work with some more clients hopefully in the near future! I do all sorts of different Youtube stuff, including thumbnails, logos, banners, outros and in-video stuff! Prices are: Thumbnail: 50p Banner: 3£ Logo:3£ Outro:2£ If you need anything, let...
  6. C

    Request [Free] Can anyone make me a free, quality, football banner??

    My channel is bkfutbol7 and I make football(soccer) videos. Mainly tutorials and challenges and stuff. I just started and need a proper banner. I want it to be styled like miniminter(simon from the sidemen) where its just simple with official channel of...and my name. And the football players in...
  7. Brandzor

    Request (FREE/YTTALK CASH) Really In Need Of New Channel Art & Logo

    How Ya'll Doing! I wouldn't usually ask this but as you can probably tell from my existing channel art & logo, I am EXTREMELY poor at designing channel art and I'm in desperate need of a new one! I'm thinking of just restarting my channel which new branding which is why it is as poor as it is...
  8. Marz123456

    Beauty/Makeup beginner looking to collab

    I do nails so I can basically collab with any theme. Please feel free to message me.
  9. ReaperDZN

    Services Low-Cost High Quality Graphics for YouTube + Twitch Branding (Banners, Overlays, PP's etc.) #REAP

    Hey Everyone! I am REAPER, otherwise known as Josh. I have been self teaching and studying graphic design for over 5 years and one day would like to become a professional designer, after every piece of work i create it only gets better! I have started the REAPER DZN business for purely helping...
  10. KeniisuYT

    Services Keniisu's Graphic Shop! | Affordable and High-Quality

  11. Evan Helbling

    New Channel Art! What do you think?

    I used to have a very clunky and ugly header but hopefully i cleaned it up with my new design. Please feel free to leave feedback to let me know, much love!
  12. O

    Services OMG Graphics - FREE and Reliable Graphics!

    OMGDesigns PRICES: YOUTUBE BANNER: FREE (for a limited time) AFTER 10$ / £7* PROFILE PICTURE: FREE (for a limited time) AFTER 6$ / £4.30* THUMBNAILS: FREE (for a limited time) AFTER 5$ / £3.50 :: 1 Thumbnail. (negotiable) END CARD: FREE (for a limited time) AFTER 10$ / £6.5* LOGO/WATERMARK...
  13. Ooh 2 Wee

    OOH 2 WEE Productions needs HELP !!

    Whats going on YTtalks. Im fairly new to this AWESOME community. I just started up my first real channel . I don't have too many videos at the moment, but I plan to have more in the future. I have just recently uploaded my first travel...
  14. j12stones

    TOP 10 Pokemon Starters Designs

    My first video posted here, hope you enjoy it
  15. 123Zeus

    Request [Paid] Looking For A Custom Logo/Avatar

    I need a custom logo or avatar to start branding my channel with. I am willing to pay real money for the design. The price can be negotiated with me via skype or pm on this site; however I AM NOT looking for an art job in the hundreds. I am sorry but I can't afford that. I already have an idea...
  16. Keniisu

    Services Keniisu's Cheap and Professional Designs

    Hi, I'm Keniisu! I've been doing designs for 2 years now and have decided to open a little shop so people can get some affordable and professional avatars and thumbnails for their channels. My Pricing is as follows: Reg. Avatar (Like the Samples) - $1.00 Branding Avatar (More Logo-styled) -...
  17. Alpha Living

    Request [Free] Channel Art needed!

    Hey there, I am looking for someone who can build me a simple clean looking channel art. I am not too good with graphics and design but I sure do know there are people on this forum who are, please reach out to me if you're interested. Thanks, Amir
  18. VoidTranceYT

    D.I.Y Branding and Design & Why it is important...

    Hey Guys basically for my channel art and banners and social CTA's I made myself from the ground up, in my opinion i do believe that making your own channel art is super important, Why: 1) It has been created by you and you can make it anything you want 2) You don't have to spend money to get...
  19. RoxelGraphics

    Services Affordable/Conditionally Free Graphics

    Hello, looking to sell just about anything related to YouTube branding (can do anything bar animated intros). Prices Overview (Free if you average 700 views an upload, but will be watermarked) YouTube/Twitch/Twitter Banner $6 Multi-Banner* +$1 Icon...
  20. Jxmes

    Request [FREE] YouTube Logo

    Hey there, I was wondering if anyone could make me a FREE YouTube Logo. I am looking for a black background and a basic EL (stands for Electric Lizard) and the letters will be neon green and on a slant. Thanks have a great day.
  21. TheKays

    Opinion on our new design? Does it match our channel?

    Hello! I have a question, I just got new design for our channel and I'm wondering if it fits the channel? What kind of indication does it give you? Any response is very appreciated!
  22. D

    Channel design?

    Today, I have spent some time designing the channel icon and channel art and was keenly interested to find out what people think. I think it is a basic design and is "good" enough for me and what I want, I'll explain why I done those designs. Firstly, the channel icon is blue, red and white...

    Need help making thumbs? - Have my PSD (Photoshop Help.)

    Hey All, A little while ago I commented on a thread where someone was asking for some Photoshop help, mainly about making thumbs. I use Photoshop EVERYDAY its a great tool and I strongly recommend you get in and try it out. Adobe makes it very affordable these days to use their programs and...
  24. Dimo Dimov

    What do you think about my channel design?

    Today i tried something new with my channel art like my logo I made it myself and i was curious what do you guys think about my channel art at all.My banner,avatar,thumbnails? Post it here and tell me what you think.I would be thankful :)
  25. Dimo Dimov

    How to become a great youtuber?

    Hello,i remember the time when i wanted to make videos and share them in youtube,i was like 11 y/o now i am 17 y/o.I couldn't make videos before because i hadn't a good computer for this.Now i have a stable computer (not good not bad) and i want to make my dream to come true.I made a few videos...
  26. M

    Request I need a new channel look.

    I really need to change up the style of my channel page designs. So what I'm hear to ask is this: Can somebody please make me some channel art and a logo that would go well with the style of my videos? I don't really carewhat it is as long as it has my name in the channel art and as long as it...
  27. Richard Rumble

    Services The Full Works!

    Recent Media Production Graduate happy to offer the services of my team! All Peices of media will come with 2 free corrections. Make sure you tell us all required information we need to change in great detail so we can get it as close to what you want as possible. What we offer: Design - £3+...
  28. Omnicide

    Services Get Custom Professional Logos and Banners (GFX) Made TODAY!

    Hey there im a Graphics Designer and I'll make you a high quality custom logo/banner etc. (piece of advertisement) for a small fee usually no more than $4.99. You can find examples of my work on my sellfy: VectorDesigns Feel free to contact me on if interested...
  29. AranoixErik

    Services The 10$ Pack: Cheap Graphic Designs

    Hello everyone. As the title implies, i am promoting my 10$ pack for Graphic Designs. Why would it cost 10$ you ask? Well, mainly because it contains the following: 1 profile picture 1 banner 1 outro card 1 twitch/video overlay If you are interested, you can contact me via Email...
  30. tcodina

    Youtube network for designers?

    Hey, I was just wondering if there's somebody here who knows about any Youtube network made specifically for Youtubers who make speed art videos, tutorials... since I would be interested on joining one of those, but I can't find any. Alternatively, does anybody know a good network for a channel...