1. T

    Want to change channel name... good or bad idea?

    Heya! My channel name is - Thunder - and I'm considering changing it. Why? Because every time I spell out my channel name I'm like "dash space Thunder space dash" and people get all confused, writing literally 'dash space Thunder space dash' and getting the name wrong. There has been a SINGLE...
  2. V

    Changing one capital letter in my URL

    Historically it happened that my YouTube channel has a name: Wellness and Recovery Channel and a URL /user/RubIconVision Google no longer allows for youtubers to change the URL to whatever they want. My problem is that capital "i" in the English alphabet looks a lot like lowercase "L". So I...
  3. UKHypnotist

    If You Choose To Deliberately Use Copyright Media On YouTube

    There is a new demonetization move being made by YouTube in the wake of the new rules. If you use copyright media and simply choose to accept any claims made against your videos, you need to be aware of this new move. It is indeed briefly stated in the YouTube Help section, but until now has...
  4. Diversified Unison

    New Youtube Policy... Help each other to survive!!

    Hello everyone from the title you got it right, I want to talk with you guys about the new announcement that came out on Oct 26 titled "Improving the technology behind our monetization icons". I've seen lots of people are asking questions regarding this issue or not clear. According to the new...
  5. Random123

    How to delete the old /user URL?

    So I've changed my URL awhile ago however if you search and open my channel it still opens with /user/oldURL, how do I redirect or delete this?
  6. MegaCrasher

    Let's #RiseTogether YouTube, Let's Help The Community Rather Than Hurt It! Time For A Change!

    THIS IS UNSCRIPTED! So My apologies in advance if I rambled a bit here! Please share this video if you want to help make YouTube truly shine again! Pretty much as the title says to everyone viewing. I won't add too much detail in the description as I think it is best we let the video do the...
  7. javacentral

    Did my latest video just slightly different from my others..

    Wanted to see what yall thought about it. I started it off kinda like a tv show with describing a bit about Japan and diving in from there over my usual 'welcome to Java Central here's today's episode'. I thought it wasn't too shabby, just could have been a bit more exciting or more energy...
  8. DrMikeD

    Having serious branding/name challenges

    Long story short, my Bobby and I have always wanted to make youtube channels. He started his channel and got pretty lucky and grow very quickly. He then decided he wanted to make videos with me and change from daily vlogs to a challenge/world record breaking competition channel with me. So the...
  9. SharSjar

    I want too much [SharSjar]

    Time for a change, another change and I hope the last change! Here is a video about it :)
  10. M

    New channel concept - should I delete old videos?

    Hey everyone! I started my channel about 3 months ago and I made the mistake of setting tight deadlines for myself... I even made a few videos saying I'd post every week or two, but now I realize that a video takes me longer to plan and make than just a week and I just don't have as much time...
  11. javacentral

    History and facts on Indian coffee

    So I tried 2 different things with this video. A different kind of title to help with the SEO (which, based on tube buddy, my tags are looking pretty good) and changed up some angles for the video to give it a different feel! Let me know what you think!
  12. Stearmans Toy Review

    How do I change my YouTube Url?

    Right now it's: thestearmanfamily but would like to change it to our channels name: Stearman's Toy Review. IS there anyway to do this? Thanks!
  13. thejoelwilliamsphere


    Hello, So recently I just finished watching Boogie2988's recent video about how he got hacked and at the end of the video a thumbnail appears that you can click on and it works on mobile - an actual working mobile annotation I think! I couldn't believe it! Does anyone else know how to do...
  14. Banished

    Other Want to collab. My channel is based on gaining confidence and to better society!

    hey looks to collab with anyone that's interested in making a difference in the world. Let's not worry about getting more subs, let's focus on bring good content and improving at least one persons life. Let me know if you are interested!
  15. UnaverageNorwegian

    Name change?

    Hi guys, im doing a vlog on my channel, but i feel like my name is not as good as i would like it to be. On youtube i go by the name "not the average Norwegian" which i think is too long and hard for people to remember. I have also been going by "N.T.A.N" but there is this musician with...
  16. wasabiroots

    Did you change?

    I was just thinking there... I've always just been one of those that look at what's trending on YouTube or just click on suggested videos on the side/homepage. I rarely do search on YouTube other than when I need certain tutorials. What I can say is that...Normal people that don't create...
  17. PseudoExon

    If you could change Youtube...

    Heres a question for you all... If you could change one thing about youtube what would it be and why? Personally I would probably change the community. I am noticing an alarming disturbing trend of ppl who buy subs, who bot likes on their channel, and it makes the process for other upcoming...
  18. Geetz

    Other Want to collab, my channel is about self-help, motivation and showing a different world perspective

    Hey! I'm kinda just starting off on YouTube with not many views or subs at all, haha. My channel is based on making a difference in the world or just being able to help one person going through a struggle. I cover such topics as depression, heartbreak, religion and also some fun lighter stuff...
  19. Mr Danny

    Banner Help

    Hey guys! So I've had my channel for about 1,5 years and I think it's time for a change of image. I want to come up with a new design, especially for the banner. Do you guys have any tips and tricks, or just some general advice? I know the basics, like keep it relevant to your channel and your...
  20. ninja-boyz

    Should I change my YT username?

    So currently my username is ninja-boyz. I feel like for some people the hyphen might throw people off and all of the Youtubers that I watch don't use any hyphens, underscores, periods, etc. If I were to change it and remove the hyphen I was thinking NinjaBoyz. What is your opinion?
  21. mastorus

    Changing video location?

    So the deal is, I make gaming videos with English commentary, but I don't live in a country that speaks English. As you know, YT videos mostly appear near the upload location. Which is the problem. I want my videos to appear on a country that does speak English, or at least close. So, is there...