1. OliverRichesYT

    Sellotape Challenge Whilst Playing THE WORLD'S HARDEST GAME!!

    I feel like this is one of my best videos. The quality in editing, microphone and visual is improving and i am enjoying youtube as time goes on. Would be great for you to check it out and i hope you enjoy it! Reply with any videos you would like me to check out!
  2. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming Looking for Call of Duty Channels!

    Hey my name is VoidTrance! I am looking for some small YouTubers for a collaboration. If you are interested in this I average 100+ views a video and have 69 subs so if you are interested do HMU via a Forum post or Via Twitter @VoidTranceHD Thank You!
  3. KidKole1993

    COMMENT DARES (3 videos) - Slapped by sex toy - mouse trap gone wrong

    Please give feedback on what we can improve on or what you enjoyed :) [ Removed by Staff - Thumbnail ]
  4. Dread Chemical

    100 Subscribers - Bean Boozled Challenge

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Music - or or - Follow me on...
  5. Deon Greenwood


    newish youtuber, with 60 subs and over 1,200 views from 4 videos. looking for a collab! a skit, challenge or prank!
  6. OliverRichesYT


    Would be awesome if you could check out my new video. I nearly went bald in it but still lost a lot of hair on the way ahahahahah. Would love some feedback on it as well and i will return the favor if you have any posts :)
  7. FinnanDoesGaming

    Request Youtube Avatar Challenge

    Im trying to make a new youtube avatar but personally I'm not great at photoshop and stuff so I'm setting a challenge for people that want to enter to make me a new youtube avatar/profile picture/icon. Send it me on Twitter, my twitter name is also FinnanDoesGaming and whoever wins will get a...
  8. OliverRichesYT


    My third video on my channel and i decided to do a video on attempting to chew 100 pieces of chewing gum! I throw up a little bit of sick and i dribble loads so its funny to watch! ENJOY :)
  9. OliverRichesYT


    Hey guys, i have a new channel and its lacking some views and audience. I want to understand the downfalls of my channel and how to make it more sucessful. Therefore im posting on here and wanting your feed back. PLEASE BE BRUTAL AND HONEST! I will give you my latest video i uploaded today as...
  10. OliverRichesYT


    This is my first gaming video on the channel, second video in total, and i decided to make it a classic rage game and add a twist which is the rubber band challenge to make it extra entertaining :) I hope you enjoy it and it makes you laugh (ps. it looks like i have a shark fin a nose...
  11. OliverRichesYT


    Hey guys! I uploaded my first video on my new channel the other day and it would be great if you could check it out and give me some harsh feedback once you have checked out the video. But in all i hope it entertains you and makes you laugh :)
  12. J

    What is your least favorite type of video a lot of Popular Youtubers make?

    Hey everyone. What challenge, Tag, or type of videos do you hate the most to see from popular videos? I respect that everyone likes to do different things on their channel, but is there something you hate to see that has become very popular to do? Thanks for any replies!
  13. Crazychrain

    Star Wars Battlefront - New Challenge!

    I've set a new challenge for myself in Star Wars Battlefront. Let me know what y'all think!
  14. TheBritishAsian

    Vlog let's work together :3

    SO! my name is Nico, I'm a college student in london and i do Daily vlogs on my personal channel TheBritishAsian except for weekends cause i like naps :3 im a very weird and spontaneous person ( i don't even know what i'm doing half the time ) I'm a media production student and i love meeting...
  15. KiddoWave

    I challenge you all to get a thousand subscribers within a month!

    I challenge you all to get a thousand subscribers within a month! [Edited by Staff] It's better if it's fun and will keep you motivated! Can't wait to see how many subscribers you all will get! [Edited by Staff] Good Luck! Keep me updated! This is a challenge/test
  16. A

    Other Looking for People to do a challenge Collab in Houston, TX

    :help::help:I have just started a YouTube channel with some of my friends. We live in the Cypress/Spring/Tomball area of Houston. And we were wondering if there was anyone closeby that we could meet with and do a few challenge videos. reply to this and i will let you know the different...
  17. Blakeusness

    Super Mario Maker - 100 Mario Challenge! (Medium Mode) Part 1

    Would be awesome if you could check out this little series I'm doing where I play through the 100 mario challenge on the game Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.
  18. Stoobs

    Mustard Powder NEW VLOG CAMERA!!

    New video, new camera. I'm back *******!
  19. Daaave

    Nerf Gun Challenge + Plot Twist

  20. joeline

    Funny Mother and son chubby bunny challenge

    My son was such a good sport, i love him so much. he had me laughing so much when we did this challenge. take a look.
  21. Stephen Quayle

    Still Chasing The "YouTube Dream" Dont Give up!

    Hello! Right so first off I am new to yttalk, haha I feel so outdated and old (No idea what im doing). But yes, I am a Minecraft YouTuber who has been trying to follow his dream for the past 4 years. Over the 4 years I have gathered 3982 Subscribers and an overall Video Views of 1,161,004. I now...
  22. SweetandSourAdventures

    Vlog Anyone up for TAG/Challenge Collab/Taste Test videos?

    My channel is called Sweet and Sour Adventures and it's a general vlog/travel/lifestyle/food channel. I'm looking to do TAG/Challenge/Taste Test collaboration videos 'cos they're fun to do. I'm also interested in collaborating with people who have experiences 2 or more cultures growing up and...
  23. Talooka


    The latest Talooka Talk Box episode is up! Check it out! This week's question was submitted by our own Juzey here on the forums :P Post a question or challenge and it'll go in the Talk Box too! Criticism is appreciated.
  24. Strafy

    FIFA & GTA 5 Funnies!

    Here's the first video on my new channel! Let me know what can be done to make my videos better! Was the lighting and audio ok? How was the editing? Did you like the video idea? How was it overall? Let me know!
  25. Talooka

    I Guess This Is A Vlog? Talooka Talk Box Episode 2!

    Check it out! Our own XXLRay's question was picked from the box this video, check it out: What else should go in the box? We do challenges, questions, and just random controversial topics. Let us know what you want us to discuss!