Vlog Anyone up for TAG/Challenge Collab/Taste Test videos?

My channel is called Sweet and Sour Adventures and it's a general vlog/travel/lifestyle/food channel. I'm looking to do TAG/Challenge/Taste Test collaboration videos 'cos they're fun to do.

I'm also interested in collaborating with people who have experiences 2 or more cultures growing up and feel like they don't belong to one culture in particular, as I think it's an interesting topic to talk about.

If you think your channel is similar to mine and you're interested let me know. For some reason I can't post URLs on here, so feel free to search me up on FB, 'Sweet and Sour Adventures' to contact me if you're up for a collab as I might not read the messages here.


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Hey checked out your channel and sounds like you a from England as well (i'm from london). We could deffo do something.
Hi! Love your channel... I love food, period. I think I would be great for a collab, as I have two distinct cultural experiences: I've lived in london for 16 years, so have been emerged in English culture, but my household has a strong Nigeria feel to it (the best of both worlds)
Hey there we would love to collab if youre interested. Grew up in South Africa, moved to New Zealand for 10 years and now in Australia. Next stop is Canada next year!
I have a playlist of taste test food n drinks I have a few I am editing at the moment... Though I am in FL not sure if a collab is possible
Hello, I am new to youtube, however, I would love to collab with you! it would be great for both of us. I have quite an audience.