1. ZinQ Nasty

    Gaming Starting NEW Black OPS 3 Challenge

    WHATS UP! I am starting a challenge on Black ops 3 you must get the Raps score streak in Search and Destroy. No care-package Raps Check out the challenge video below. Its the latest video on my youtube channel btw. Yes I already beat the challenge.haha that was before I thought it...
  2. Tuskan

    Google Feud Challenge Series #1

    I challenge all of you to beat my score! If you do ill make a video to try to beat yours until one of us fail
  3. Jeanz

    Started Youtube Again - What do you think of my artwork?

    Hello guys and what a pleasure it is to be part of these wonderful forums, I'm sure that I'll enjoy my stay here! Today I was hoping to get some feedback with my brand new channel art and profile picture. I started youtube two years ago but slowly school started to take over and in the end I...
  4. Neimos

    THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! | Hard Reset : Redux

    Hi guys! I would love it if you could check my newest video. It;s all about killing hordes of robots and at the end...check for yourself ;) ~Neimos
  5. The FitzoBoys

    Other Looking for youtubers to do eating challenges with

    Looking for youtubers to do eating challenges with like hot peppers or worms any kind of eating challenge we currently have 62 subs so as long as you have like 30 thats fine (:
  6. Joeowens1

    Who's that Pokemon?

    Can you guess who's that pokemon? How many did you get right?
  7. Pierre Maynard

    WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM! (The Whisper challenge!)

    In this video iv'e decided to come up with a Challenge, that me and my friend Callan Wills can do! :D Things get weirder as the challenge goes on find out more! :D Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video :) @Selim Keles @G-Man @BigBoss @KatyAdelson @Taylor Hoffman...
  8. javacentral

    Took a challenge to find the worst store brand coffee I could find

    And man, it was rough! Not going to lie, I had some pretty crappy video. If there are any changes you think I could do, I'm open ears!
  9. javacentral

    Worst store brand coffee challenge

    So this challenge was horrible yet fantastic at the same time! I got to try a bunch of new to me coffee yet realize it's store brand coffee so I should be expecting the worst. Let me know what ya think of it!
  10. DanDaSimmer

    Best COLLAB ideas?

    Hey everyone, My friend and I both run YouTube channels and in the next few days we're going to collab and film a video for each of our channels. Previously on his channel we played a game where we pulled as many questions out of the hat in a minute and we had to answer each question but lie...
  11. Conight

    7 Day Challenge

    Not sure if this challenge exists under a different title, however, I decided to attempt to upload 7 videos in 7 days as Youtube rewards those content creators that upload consistently and for my content genre its definitely difficult to upload consistently, Despite my video length, it's...
  12. Shandor

    My thub is chopped off!?!! [NO THUMBS CHALLENGE]

  13. Shandor

    Time for a Punishment

    How would you like to see me being punished?
  14. artiflex

    The Comfort Zone Challenges - What and why? - Confidence, Less Social Anxiety, Stop giving a F*ck

    The Comfort Zone Challenges - What and why? - Confidence, Less Social Anxiety, Stop giving a F*ck --------------------------- The Comfort Zone Challenges series are made to break out of your comfort zone. In these videos I will record myself doing "uncomfortable" and strange (for society)...
  15. Munesh Ramnarine


    Check this out, can't wait to finally reach 1k subs :)
  16. Munesh Ramnarine

    Amazing Water Bottle Double Flip!

    Thanks for 200 subs! :D
  17. JaydeVlogs

    New Channels!

  18. MargaretsJourney

    Vlog Collab English vloggers in Poland

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there are any English spoken vloggers, here in Poland (preferable Warsaw)? I would like to do a challenge together or some kind of game. But I'm up for anything, actually! Just let me know!
  19. FerretsCantGame

    Disney's 101 Dalmatian Challenge! Woof!

    Here's part 48 to my series. My goal is to have 101 dalmatians in one given household and 10 of the dogs must learn all the main tricks to complete the challenge. Right now im in the 60's. Nothing like the 100 puppy challenge since I'll be keeping every single puppy. Cruella de Vil Features in...
  20. Steve and Jodi's Vlog

    Vlog Vlog or Challenge Video Collab

    Hello we are new to the forum and are interested in Collabing more. A little about us: We make, travel vlogs, day to day vlogs, tags and challenge videos We have been making videos since 2012 We are American but live in the Netherlands We have 5k subscribers and looking to grow and help others...
  21. Zach S.

    Ultimate YouTuber Crossbar Challenge 2016 || Ft. HypoHutch

    Description : Hello everybody and welcome to the Ultimate YouTuber CrossBar Challenge 2016 Featuring : HypoHutch!!! HypoHutch is a personal friend of mine and we decided to make a challenge video on each other's channel. Be sure to check out his channel and subscribe to him right after you...
  22. paigelknowles

    Urban dictionary challenge... umm yes please

    The boyfriend and I take part in some light hearted fun in this video! You haven't seen an urban dictionary challenge quite like this one, so you'll want to check it out! Make sure you watch till the end to see the surprise twist ending!
  23. OliverRichesYT


    Did a little video that is slightly different from my other videos, i took on quickfire questions and every time i got the question wrong or did not answer it fast enough i get shot in the face by a nerf gun. Not extreme but still fun to watch :D
  24. OliverRichesYT


    Me and my dad attempt to break some world records, but it mainly ends up as a competition between myself and him. Hope it makes you smile, enjoy! :)
  25. OliverRichesYT


    Check out a little challenge video i did with friends which i uploaded. Sorry the wind kills it abit but i hope you still enjoy! :)
  26. LRwF

    Conjoined Twins Challenge!

    We saw BFvsGf do this challenge a while ago and have been meaning to do it! We thought it was a perfect activity for this Valentines Day to see how well we can work together. Now, we really dont get along in the kitchen so we thought it would be hilarious to see how well we would work, as one...
  27. CubizFIFA

    Black Ops 3 Multiplayer: "Hot Swap" Challenge!

  28. B&D TV

    The Gross Smoothie Challenge

    8 good ingredients + 8 bad ingredients + 2 cups +1 blender = Comedic Entertainment
  29. ShelbiaFaye

    The Seven Second Challenge!

    I brought my sister into yet another video and we did Dan and Phil's 7 Second Challenge! We had a lot of fun... but if you wanna know who won, take a look! <3
  30. CubizFIFA

    Black Ops 3 Multiplayer: Epic "Drop and Swap" Challenge!