call of duty

  1. Racurz

    Gaming Any one interested In a collab sometime

    Hey guys i currently have 46 subscribers on my channel and am interested in doing a collab sometime in the next few weeks just want to know if anyone is interested i'm from Britian so time difference may be a problem but if not then get in contact please. please have atleast 20 active subs and...
  2. ZavNation

    Channel feedback and Video feedback :D

    Of course as a beginner Youtuber, criticism could be taken the wrong way, for me BY ALL MEANS go ahead and squirt your feedback on to my channel or here whichever is fine with you. Okay so may be squirt isn't a good choice of words, but ya get the point haha! p.s oh and I know my channel banner...
  3. Ballistic

    Gaming Call of Duty BO2

    Looking to do a hide and seek collab for bo2 Looki for between 100+ subs
  4. King Evjen

    Gaming LOOKING FOR BO3 PLAYERS ON XBOX. Looking to collab

    I just started a YouTube channel recently. I consider myself a very good Call of Duty player. I am prestige master level 221. I used to be top 25k in the world. Now, my channel has a few subs, so that is why I'm looking for a collab. I want to grow myself fast because I know I create good...
  5. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming True eSports Recruiting

    True Gaming is a new eSports team providing opportunities for Call of Duty players to play at a competitive level for real money. We compete in various MLG gamebattles and tournaments with prizes of up to £500. We also provide a community for gaming YouTuber's to meet other people in the same...
  6. Hollysaurus

    What kind of channel do you have and what inspired you to start?

    Hey everyone! I am really just wanting to make friends and have positivity in my life. I'm sure you all would like some too! So tell me what your channel is all about and why you joined! Let's make his a huge community of positivity and friendship!!
  7. Ballistic

    Gaming Hide and seek game collab

    Hey guys, I am a YouTuber with about 250 subs and wanted to do a couple videos with around 6 guys and play hide and seek on any Call of Duty, preferably xbox 360 call of duty, but I do have Xbox one and ps4, also we use discord and skype to chat.
  8. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC GAMES COLLAB! (700 SUBS)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  9. Ballistic

    My dog plays Call Of Duty

  10. Ballistic

    My reaction video!

  11. Ballistic

    Gaming Need a COD tuber to collab with

    Need a call of duty youtuber to collab with! (ps4,XBX360, And xbox one)
  12. Ballistic

    My hardest rage ever!

    DISCLAIMER: You might want to turn volume down if wearing headphones.
  13. Ballistic


    Hey guys I was wondering if you could check out one of my more recent videos ( ) and tell me what I could do to improve my editing and make it look more official, and a lot more humorous. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13
  14. ZinQ Nasty

    Gaming Starting NEW Black OPS 3 Challenge

    WHATS UP! I am starting a challenge on Black ops 3 you must get the Raps score streak in Search and Destroy. No care-package Raps Check out the challenge video below. Its the latest video on my youtube channel btw. Yes I already beat the challenge.haha that was before I thought it...
  15. S

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations on XBOX ONE, (BO3, FIFA16, MINECRAFT)

    Hey guys so im just looking for someone to do some collaborations with on youtube, i currently have 22 subscribers, and am quite excited about it, should be good fun! if youre interested just lemme know! :D
  16. Jake Grove

    Feedback on my GTA and COD funny moments channel :)

    I'm looking for some feedback on my channel. I have videos on Grand Theft auto 5, Call of Duty, and some other games. Thx for the feedback. Wanting to do collabs to if interested.
  17. lolSeafood

    Gaming Looking for a group of cool people to record with (YouTube Group)

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a group of people to record with. I'm looking with some dedicated people who want to make a group like "The Sidemen". We would record together alot. And I'm looking for about 5 more people. Exceptions can be made though :D Hope you guys see this :D
  18. Cyclonejack1988

    Gaming Looking for people for COD: World at War modded zombies

    Hello, Like the title says I am looking for 1-3 people to play and record some Call of Duty: World at War - Modded zombies maps on steam. I want to record multiple episodes with different maps and make funny moments style heavily edited videos. I don't have any requirements as far as channel...
  19. H

    Gaming Black Ops 2, Xbox 360 6 man S&D and TDM Teammates Needed for RC Challenges, Trickshotting.

    Hey Guys!! Im trying to complete a few Recruitment Challenges, if you wanna 6 man on bo2 in TDM or S&D, hmm on my twitter or IG, Hollywood13Game. Looking for moderate to advanced trickshotters, if your already in a tricks hotting clan, maybe we can hookup and play a few games and talk about...
  20. HyDraid


    My grandpa playing Call Of Duty :O Who next ? My grandma ? Or Grandpa "Vs" Grandma ? Let me know ^^
  21. Nutella

    Black ops 3 Competitive Montage Trailer

  22. Infrared Gaming

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with

    Hi guys, if anybody is interested in collabing for a video please let me know, can be FIFA, NBA 2K16 or Black Ops 3.
  23. TheDirectorsOfGaming


  24. LandofDucks

    Gaming So you want to know what to Improve on your channel AND get a Shoutout?

    Hey guys, I have started a brand new seires over on my channel, This series is all about YOU! Each episode I will pick 3 channels to review and give advice on what you can improve on the make your channel look that much better and things that will help you grow! If you like what you are...
  25. TheDirectorsOfGaming