call of duty

  1. Mr.raspberryxd

    CONOR MCGREGOR BEAT MY @SS!! [Call of duty: Infinite warfare campaign]

    yoooo guys call of duty campaign is so hot they got conor mcgregor, flat booties, and hella explosions! XD sh!t was fire!!!
  2. S


    Hey im a small youtuber with 117 subscribers and i make Call Of Duty Videos if you are a youtuber my size and are interested to collaborate and have an XB1 (Xbox 1) im sure we can do something ( 1 V 1) or anything really Hopefully we can make this work
  3. J

    Need help!

    I'm new here so go easy on me lol. I have been making videos for a few months now and I have been gaining subs reasonably quickly. I have now hit a brick wall... I feel my content has progressively got better but my subscriber count doesn't reflect this. Any tips for my channel would be...
  4. KyyVlogs

    Gaming Any PS4 Infinate warefare Zombie Youtubers/Steam PC gamers?

    Hi, Just looking to create a group of zombie youtubers on PS4 There's currently 2 of us. No actual requirements, just people looking to grow their channel but at least be 18+ Also looking to play games like: - Dead by daylight - Garrys Mod - Fifa and any other suggestions. Im based in the...
  5. Kemono

    How to snipe on Infinite Warfare

    If you're sitting there struggling to snipe all day long, and you don't know what to do, then I'm your guy. Watch this video, and you'll be sniping like a beast in no time.
  6. Sam_GamingPixel

    Gaming Pc Collab

    Hey guys, Gaming Pixel here i am a 15 year old youtuber from scotland and would love to collab with someone to collab with on PC! games i would like to collab on are minecraft(modded only), COD BO3, Europa Universalis and possibly more! if any of this interests you please leave a reply with your...

    Discussing Infinite Warfare | SWBF Gameplay

    Let's discuss Inifinite warfare, With some Star Wars battlefront in the background!
  8. Marceive

    Infinite Warfare guys doesn't like my bombs :( (Funny moments)

    So, I made this video today, and apparently not too many people likes my bombs, I'm really sad about it, lol
  9. Marceive

    An Infinite Warfare video I made, wowwww

    Noowwwww, I hate this game with a passion, but I loved the video I made. I hope you guys enjoy this video because this video was hilarious in my opinion, but of course, that's just me. Tell me what you think!
  10. CrZy_NOVAs


    Any call of duty snipers that are looking for a clan, and use ps4 for their console leave a comment if you would like go join. Our clan called CrZy is looking for new snipers before Jan. 1st when we will upload our teamtage. If you are interested msg me @CrZyNOVAs on Instagram and twitter
  11. C

    Gaming Youtube Gaming Group

    Hi all! Me and one of my friends are starting a youtube gaming channel called CrazyTent. Pretty much we all record then send the videos in to me (Canaan) I will edit all the views into one video and upload it. Requirements: Must have ps4 with mic and good connection. Must have Black Ops 3 To...
  12. T

    Gaming (PC) Grow Your Channel (Collab)

    I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming. I have 473 subs Requirements --------------------- - Good Mic - Skype - Your own Youtube Channel...
  13. T

    Gaming (PC) Collab To Help Grow Your Channel

    I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming. I have 473 subs Requirements --------------------- - Good Mic - Skype - Your own Youtube Channel...
  14. TheLgend

    Gaming XB1 Halo 5 or COD BO3 Collab

    Hi Guys. I'm looking to collaborate and get to know some more people from the youtube community by collabing . If your interested Message or reply back to me here. Thanks Collab Details - Halo 5 or COD BO3 -Will be posted on your channel as well -Fun to play with Once again Thanks XB1...
  15. Draven

    Gaming PC Gaming Collaboration Size Doesn't Matter

    Sup Guy's DravenGamesOn here and I want to start a small PC gaming group if you're interested in sending me a message via email and or comment below Oh and size doesn't Matter!! game's we can play: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Gmod Minecraft (any other games you want to play i can most likely get...
  16. Nutella


    I finally reached 1000 views on my channel, i worked really hard on my last video and i finally made it. Thank you everyone on yttalk that was always there when i needed help. :)
  17. Nutella

    Gaming XBOX ONE BO3 COLLAB (50+ SUBS)

    Hey guys i'm looking to do a COD BO3 collab, possibly a 1v1 with someone that has at least 50 subs let me know :)
  18. Ballistic

    How I Almost Got Arrested!

  19. Timikinz


    Hi Guys, I have just made a call of duty channel and I am looking for people to collaborate with. I have had my channel for around 2 weeks and have just hit 84 subscribers. If you make good quality content and fancy recording some videos with me, let me know :) My chanel name is Team TimikinZ...
  20. Nutella

    Gaming Channel (Black Ops 3)

    I upload Competitive Call of duty and Montages ;D
  21. AdvancedGinger

    Gaming Youtube Group - 3 people play games PC

    Hello, so I've been wanting to find some people that like the same games and activities the same. And I thought I might grow a little if I play with others as well as have fun. So if you like cod/minecraft/ extra then PM or email me at Only 1 requirement really. Have a...
  22. Nutella

    Gaming Looking to Collab on XBOX ONE Black Ops 3.

    looking for someone to collab with at least 50 subs,my gamertag is ZL Nutella LZ. Hmu if you're interested. :)
  23. Ballistic


  24. A

    Gaming Collab on Waw Custom Zombies

    My name is Monty and want to do more collaborations on my channel! So I want to do collab video on Waw custom zombies and In the future Black ops 3! If you are interested DM on twitter (My twitter @ItsMonty_ ) and we can start collaborating on a video together. See ya!!:):)
  25. S

    Gaming Collab of minecraft, fifa, or Black ops 3 (Xbox one)

    Hey guys! so im just looking for some other newer youtubers like myself to get together and collab on any of the games in the thread title on XBOX One! Just to really have some fun and have a laugh and stuff! i have 32 Subscribers, which isn't a lot but i'm slowly growing and, it would just be...
  26. Tyler Andrews

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey there! My name is Tyler Andrews and I'm searching for people with a little bit bigger of a fan base and video engagement than what I've really seen in the gaming forum so far... Currently, I have 215 Subscribers, and my view counts are (TOTAL: 4,727) This past week: 324 views. (Just started...
  27. Ballistic


    Want to see what I like about cod 4 remastered?
  28. J

    YouTube channel

    Hi I am a cod YouTuber. My YouTube channel is Atomic Winner. I would greatly appreciate feedback.