1. LB Designs

    Services FREE BANNERS for the next 2 weeks!!

    I am a fairly new graphics designer and am happy to do any banners and logos all i ask in return is a shout out in a video, here are some examples of my most recent work, thanks!
  2. C

    Request [Free] Can anyone make me a free, quality, football banner??

    My channel is bkfutbol7 and I make football(soccer) videos. Mainly tutorials and challenges and stuff. I just started and need a proper banner. I want it to be styled like miniminter(simon from the sidemen) where its just simple with official channel of...and my name. And the football players in...
  3. mmrobins

    Services Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros.

    Making Beautiful Banners, Logos, Profile Pictures, and Intros to be featured in your description if you have more than 100 subscribers and if you do not, Get 2 for $5 or all 4 for $8) 1 costs $3. Paypal Only! Some of my work: mrobins
  4. Minix | Graphics Designer

    Services Cheap Thumbnails, Banners, Logos ( √ )

    I inserted examples of my work it should be under this text after the examples you can see all the info and the FAQ section! :D make sure to check out all the pictures I can do many more other styles I have not uploaded close to the amount of styles I have done make sure to read below ! add me...
  5. GunGecko

    Request Where do you get your banners and logos?

    I was just wondering and have seen so many channels with amazing logos and banners. I was thinking guys do you make your own banners and logos or do you get a friend or another person to do it for you. If you do make your own then what program do you use as it would be very interesting to try...
  6. A


    Hey guys. How's it going? I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a logo or a banner for your YouTube channel I will make it for you. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this. Maybe I'm just a nice person. But anyway all you really need to do is to tell me what you would like it...
  7. F


    Hey everybody, I am making free thumbnails (even long term), banners and logos for your youtube channel! Please leave a comment or add me on skype:
  8. Birkir Orri

    Services FREE CHANNEL ART WORK!! (Banner, Thumbnails, Outros)

    Hi guys i'm willing to make some free channel art for your channel to make it look better! I'm learning graphic designing so my work is pretty professional. If u want any work u MUST contact me on skype- birkir.orrri or twitter- @birkiorri Examples:
  9. EpidemicGamer


    I make custom Banners give me a idea you want and ill make it for you, first 2 weeks are free from when this post goes up all. how many people here offer there services for free for so why not give my work a try trying to build my portfolio.
  10. Hayleykate

    Services Need help with a custom banner?

    Dont know how to make a banner? Or maybe you want to change the look of yours? I make custom banners cheap! XOXO/ HayleyKate
  11. D

    Request Looking for banner / Logo designer!

    Im just started YouTube and was wandering if anyone could make me a professional looking banner and or logo to better my channel.
  12. bxnsfilms

    Services Cheap Banners and Intros!!

    I can create cheap introductions and banners for your channels! I charge $5 for an Introduction that is whatever you would like! I charge $5 for a Banner for your channel, completely customized. If you are at all interested, please do feel free to send me an email to: Also, if...
  13. Deltoy

    Services GFX: First 10 Get Free Thumbnails, Logos, Banners & Icons!

    Hiya! I'm Deltoy and I like making YT Banners for people! I don't make really complex thumbnails and banner art either. Here is an example of what I can make though. ^.^ Banners: Logos Thumbnails: Reception: itsNathan - "This is actually really really good man thanks so much!"...
  14. DubsThaGamer


    Hello to the people of yttalk! My name is Javor and i am currently a gaming youtuber (DubsThaGamer), i have been told by a few that i am pretty good at graphics (banners,logo etc) and i should start selling for cheap! So if you are a new youtuber that wants good graphics for a starting channel...
  15. Dazza


    Hey dudes. How's it going? Let me just say this now. I'm not a GFX artist who can do all sorts of fancy stuff in photoshop. I can only do so much. Anyway I'm starting this thing where if you ask me to make a youtube banner for you i will do it. I don't even know myself why I'm doing this...
  16. T

    Request Need Banner and Logo Please

    Hey guys im searching for a decent and simple banner/logo designer. I want it simple and unique please, ill promote you in every description of all my future uploads.
  17. F

    Request Need a Banner and Logo Please

    Hey guys im searching for a decent and simple banner/logo designer. I want it simple and unique please, ill promote you in every description of all my future uploads.
  18. TheNodeGaming


    Hello! I am TheNodeGaming, or TheNodeGraphics and I am making free graphics for whoever wants it. I am decent at what I do, I am not EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL but I can make decent banners! Logos aren't as great because I don't have the best software for it at the moment but they should still look...