Youtubers taking the wrong way

I agree. The way I see it I have wanted to upload game play before I even knew money was involved, maybe before it actually was even. But for me if I get partnered then its only a bonus not a priority. Obviously I would love to get partnered because who dosnt wanna get paid to do what they love. But thats it, its something I love and that comes first. I enjoy gaming, editing and uploading vids. I want the views so people can see my work and if some one wants to pay me afterwards so be it but thats not my main goal. I just want to entertain. but on that note if be sure to like, subscri...... lol jokes
Haha yeah! I agree with you! I like to game, edit and upload too. And getting feedback is the most valuable thing of all! It is always fun to see people digging your stuff :D
I think there is a difference between people who actually create video's and people who do gameplay video's.
I do lets plays and I gotta say editing them can be annoying mainly because DxTory has a thing with messin up my audio lol but thats just the start for me, I am starting a music channel (I'm an artist) and wanna do an animating one eventually. But I dont just record game play and slap it on I do have to do a bit of editing and I try to be entertaining in my commentary.
I only make videos, because I like it, but I agree with the people who just make videos for the money. It's sad they get a partnership while other people worked for it from 2010 or even earlier. But I still enjoy making videos :)
Youtube is suposed to be fun and a hobby and now its like partnership and moneh xD I absolutely agree with that :) I dont know why pples are begging for subs or liking vids without even watching them but whats pretty obvious is that some pples dont take time to see how they can improve :/ Once damage is done, it cant be repaired very fast :( And whats the most horrible thing is NOT enjoying making vidoes :confused: WHY DID YE START YT THEN?!?!?!! Srsly i think pples dont take time to THINK clearly before they do something xD
But also bcoz partnerships are easy to get these days .-. E few years ago a partnership was something special :D Nowadays yu can easily get a partnership .-. Thats rlly a shame :( Im glad ur one of ze awesome pples who make videos and enjoy making them :D Thats how every1 is suposed to be but i guess some pples dont even care about that :( Those pples shuld close their YT accounts xD
I only make videos, because I like it, but I agree with the people who just make videos for the money. It's sad they get a partnership while other people worked for it from 2010 or even earlier. But I still enjoy making videos :)
It's funny how not that many people has a problem with "YouTube" doing it for the money. Anyway, I love making videos and if I can earn a few bucks while doing it I don't see a problem with that.
I completely agree, as a 4 year YouTuber I have witnessed this ever growing mentality of "Partnership is the only way to success" and I think it is completely pathetic. I upload videos because I ENJOY MAKING THEM, not for some snoddy company that doesn't even value my existence. I think that these new youtubers, kids or not, need to take a serious look at what there real goals are.
The decline on youtube is definitely huge when money and such come into play. however, earning a couple of bucks to buy a cup of expensive hot coffee is not bad either. i think that it really boils down to each individual on how seriously they take their channels and where do they see themselves in a couple of years with it. the problem with bigger youtubers now is that they forget that they started of small too and end up selling out and making money in the process and forget quality, having fun or anything like it..its happening all over the place even in the beauty community, if younwatch one vid off a famous youtuber, youve pretty much seen all there is because everyone forgets to be creative, and u see mass copies of the same vids because of sponsorship and such...i think youtube is to blame at some point and also the values of an individual content creator...but i would say making a few bucks off the tube is a good just shouldnt be the main reason why you make videos
True, alot of corporations are also looking to YouTube now since its monetizable. But in essence, that's where the line is drawn between true success and desperate success. I've followed some YouTubers who have sold out and hence lost respect from their followers - ones who used to gain 100k views on average drop to 5-10k. There are still people who make them because its fun and they enjoy it, and thsoe are the ones that hold the true success :)