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Hey guys! Thought I'd give a lil introduction about myself and how my Channel will be ran! Basically Im 16 years old and live in Atlanta Georgia! There's is nothing I love more than my family my friends... And my truck. Wel I guess I love my girlfriend too... Oh yeah about her! She'll be staring in some of the videos as well! She's everything to me and Ik y'all would love her too! Basically I love talking, interacting, and making friends and what better way is there to do that other than YouTube! So my videos will be mainly vlogs including vlogs with me and my girlfriend and the adventures we go on, fun car/truck build series, car vlogs, Installations, Tutorials all that fun stuff. Itll be a very interactive channel and i cant wait to spend some time with y'all so definitely stop by if any of those things listed above interest you!
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Man you could of just made a nice introduction thread about yourself and include what you do on your channel cuz now it just seemed like you just came here to try and get us to subscribe and self-promo lol
Nice weather we're having today huh guys? What have you all been up to today?
Trying to expand and do something different. Currently working on a tropical Justin Bieber type instrumental + getting ready to whoop some a** on friday because i got myself into this beat battle :roflmao2:
Lol bro I dig that. Work every day and it hasn't gotten under 95 down here in quite a while
We use celcius so it's about 19c out (welcome to england mother frickers).

work and vlogging, its my life now, plus it's really really hot outside
When I think about vlogging, I realise I would literally go through most of the day and forget to record...every day
Oh good job OP for changing the text. I would of just made a new thread in the actual introduction section but i guess this works. Welcome!