1. R

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  2. 1

    Need Girls for Talk/Q&A Shows

    We're looking for hot to average looking girls for our talk show. We pretty much talk about anything, nothing raunchy or weird. Topics like: "what keeps you attached", "are animals dumb or are we just really smart", "10 guys do that girls hate" We usually record at night around 8pm EST...
  3. Eve And Brian

    Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Little Girls

  4. Eve And Brian

    Quick & Easy Hairstyles For Little Girls

  5. Becky Keegan

    GIRLS! Do you feel the need to 'look good' in your videos?

    So, I don't wear makeup, never have. I'm not a big fan off the stuff, and whenever I've been forced to wear makeup by my sister on special occasions, my lipstick ends up going all over my food (I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS) and the rest of the makeup gets smudged within the hour. I also don't...
  6. Tiffany Amber

    Any and all help appreciated <3

    A descriptive title of what you would like reviewed. I would like to have my channel overall reviewed, based off the linked video :) How could I improve my editing and overall persona? Details of the particular video you want reviewed or specific aspects of your channel this can include your...
  7. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking for GTA Girls

    Hi I'm JayWolf20, my Friend and I (yes we are girls) have been looking for other GTA girls to join our crew and maybe try to colab and record some GTA videos. We play GTA on xbox 360 and some other games to... It doesn't matter how many subs you have only if you have enough time to be playing...
  8. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking for long-term YouTube Gaming Group/Collab

    Hi i'm JayWolf20 a girl:wavespin:, so I want to make a gaming group / collab but every time I try the people I meet are mostly guys and they are either quiet or just don't talk until someone starts a conversation. so I don't have a group right now. I don't know if it's because i'm a girl... -I...
  9. abkiller

    Gaming Guys or girls for a Gaming Group

    Hy i am looking to people to play with and make youtube videos. It doesnt matter how many subs you have I am on Playstation as :Abkiller- Twitter : AbkillerDaReal1
  10. J

    Gaming [CLOSED] Looking to make a long-term YouTube Girls Gaming Group/Colab

  11. JuS Savage


    Hi, I'm Justin but you can call me JuS Savage. I produce rap and comedy videos and I am an artist. I'm a teenager so I have a lot to learn but I think my flow is good despite my age. If you're another rapper we could make a rap together, you do one verse, I do another and we could combine it...
  12. M

    Other If You Want To Collabe On Tutorials,Reply

    Hello, if you like to collab just say so or drop your snapchat or fb or any social messaging platform lets talk better...girls mostly but boys also...girls on beauty tutorials or anything tutorials just hella me.
  13. K


    I want to collaborate with somepeople to grow our channels and be kind of a team and give eachother subscribers by featuring on eachothers channels
  14. Dexter911

    Gaming Looking for funny pc, xbox crew

    Hey guys. My names Dexter and I'm fairly new to YouTube. I have a couple of videos up that have done decent for the channels size. I'm currently looking for a group of guys, or girls to play some pc or Xbox games with. I currently play all sorts of mini click games but I have gmod...
  15. Preston Clarke

    Yo doods! Welcome!

    Hey guys! Thought I'd give a lil introduction about myself and how my Channel will be ran! Basically Im 16 years old and live in Atlanta Georgia! There's is nothing I love more than my family my friends... And my truck. Wel I guess I love my girlfriend too... Oh yeah about her! She'll be staring...
  16. piaiscool


    Hello guys! I have been really bad at uploading videos at a proper schedule, but I guess that's okay since I'm just starting??? What do you think? I would really love for you guys to check out my video and tell me what you think. What should I improve on? Was the humor okay? Was it relatable...
  17. Megan Rose

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty YouTuber collaboration :)

    Hello lovely people! So I have a channel where I do some beauty videos and have never collabed before, I would love to collab with other YouTubers or just make new friends and new people to talk to! :)
  18. thezebraluver42

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab wanted! :)

    Hey! I'm Cheyenne. I'm 13. I mostly do comedy skits and such. but I can do anything I'm interested in. I want someone who is around my age. preferably a girl check out my channel. I think my link on here is broken haha. Just type in zebraluver42 on youtube and you'll find me. I have give or take...