GIRLS! Do you feel the need to 'look good' in your videos?

Becky Keegan

The Nerd Of YTtalk
So, I don't wear makeup, never have. I'm not a big fan off the stuff, and whenever I've been forced to wear makeup by my sister on special occasions, my lipstick ends up going all over my food (I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS) and the rest of the makeup gets smudged within the hour.
I also don't style my hair at all, much like makeup, I seem to find it too much of a hassle, and so I tend to just leave it as it is.
Now this can be seen clearly in my YouTube videos (which has been on a lack of motivation/creativity & self doubt break), hell, in some videos I'm wearing a onesie :p. Sometimes I do kind of wish I could express myself with my appearance, especially with my hair style and colour, but at other times I simply could not care less, especially with makeup, as I don't even know how to apply it.
So my question to all the ladies of YouTube out there is: Do you always feel the need to make yourself look good when filming videos? Putting on the best makeup, clothes, hair styles etc? Or could you not care less?
I think this would be really interesting to find out :)
(also sorry if I put this in the wrong thread pls don't kill me:D)
I'm a guy but i feel the urge to "look good" in my thumbnail, everything else, not so much.
I'm the same. Sometimes I like to mess around with effects on photoshop to try and make myself look better but again that's about it XD
I often film my videos with little to no makeup and then photoshop my face and makeup in the thumbnail. As long as my hair is decent and my outfit is cool thats all I care about. I'm not a huge makeup fan either but sometimes it can be a necessary evil.
I usually wear makeup in my videos the times I don't is in the beginning of my makeup tutorials. I don't always do makeup tutorials sometimes I do mostly skits, but I wear makeup in all my videos and I like to style my hair, sometimes I curl it and I'm usually re dying it if the color fades. I don't feel like I have to wear makeup, but I enjoy expressing myself through clothes,makeup and my hair.
Meeeeeh I look like a young boy for everyone even tough I am a girl and I have lady parts and all but I guess if you don't have girly looks people wont look at you XD Anyways... I don't wear make up at all and I barely style my hair... I just record however I feel, by my hair is pretty straight so is on rare occasions that is messy and I still wouldn't style it since welp I really don't care how I look, I will never pretend to be someone I am not.
I feel the pressure, as someone who doesn't normally wear make up but wants to sometimes wear it for cosplay type reasons. However, I was never taught how to make-up by my mother/anyone and I'm now at the point of not wanting to buy it and waste money if I screw it up xD
Kind of... I get quite a lot of comments saying I'm ugly and should wear more makeup lol, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't bother me..... >.<

I've actually started experimenting more with makeup (and I've regretted it...I'm allergic to most of it, and it often burns my face... =/) since I've started posting things on YouTube. I actually stepped foot into Sephora for the first time fairly recently. :eek: It is a strange place. I never realized those eye shadow pallets that fancy beauty gurus on YouTube use can cost $60+! :eek: I now like to go to Sephora (it's near where I work) just to try an expensive perfume for the day. :p (Talk about being a hayseed haha. xD ) Roses de Chloe is my current favorite, but I'll never dish out $75 for a tiny bottle..omg..that's crazy!

I'll sometimes wear a Korean bb cream and some mascara...maybe a bit of eye shadow. If I feel like having chapped lips for the next week, I might wear some lipstick. :eek: Sometimes my hair looks like something the cat dragged in, and other times it's actually behaving. I tend to paint my nails more than anything else because I feel like nail polish doesn't dry out or damage much when I put it on... I'm pretty much helpless when it comes to beauty, but at least most of my viewers know that I'm no beauty guru! :p I try to make up for it with funny duck/cat sweaters and pretty dresses. ^^

So...yeah...I think I make an extra effort just for YouTube. It's opened up a new world of ideas, but the sephora employees always roll their eyes when I walk in the door -- they've learned I'm allergic to pretty much every sample they give me. :p
I'm not "beauty blogger" but for my video i'm sometime use make up .I'm think its ok. My channel - it's my show.And I think the show is interesting when it's beautiful and bright. Do the ladies from the television news channels not use makeup? They help me. I'm just learning (my age) but I'm sure that visual perception is important (and my mother says so;) )