1. TheDutchTexan

    2015 Focus ST // Review!

    This time I bring you my take on the 2015 Ford Focus ST!
  2. TheDutchTexan

    2016 Ford Fiesta ST // Review!

    This time I am reviewing Nathan's 2016 Fiesta ST. The smallest hot hatch from Ford!
  3. Preston Clarke

    Yo doods! Welcome!

    Hey guys! Thought I'd give a lil introduction about myself and how my Channel will be ran! Basically Im 16 years old and live in Atlanta Georgia! There's is nothing I love more than my family my friends... And my truck. Wel I guess I love my girlfriend too... Oh yeah about her! She'll be staring...
  4. O


    Hi I have a car channel besides my gaming channel which is doing pretty good of a start up please feel free to review it and let me know what your favorite cars is then I try to see if I can find them. You can find it in the link below:
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