who wishes YouTube had a replace video feature?

Hmm... sure, I hope they will add this feature. But I think it's impossible because if they allow, people can just upload any hot video to gain great ranking, then replace with their own video :)

not if they implemented a feature similar to content ID that tracked the images in the previous video to the new one. Or you could simply implement that if you did it to abuse the system you would get a strike on your account or something
Vimeo has this. You can replace a video with a different version if you make a mistake but you can keep the same URL, Views, Likes and Comments. I wish YouTube had this. I just submitted it to them in their feedback section.

I uploaded a video and realized I have one tiny audio glitch. Would be nice to re upload the video fixed but not have a new URL
Awh man that would be really awesome. Would definitely help out with the anxiety of hoping everything is perfect when you first upload it.