Whats your most & least favourite thing about YT and why?

Absolutely love the creativity I can bring

Dislike that there is virtually no short term growth
Growth is one of the most rewarding aspects for sure!

That is pretty crazy! its awesome that you're building a fanbase :)

It's quite weird, I do not even have 100 subs (yet) and I already have a few very dedicated fans. I am very baffled about that to be honest.
It may change, though my most favourite thing about YouTube is how it gives a vast range of people a voice!

In my short term of using YouTube, my least favourite thing is doing all the nitty-gritty things after a video has been uploaded (thumbnail, end screen cards etc..)
What I like: The ability to create your own videos like you want and share it with the rest of the world.

What I dislike: The amount of people that use the platform to bash other people and can do nothing better then putting hate comments on whatever they don't like