youtube discussion

  1. Marcello Riviera

    Growing your channel using analytics?

    There are countless threads on here which suggest that the best way to grow your channel is through online marketing technique such as Search Engine Optimisation using Keyword tagging e.c.t. but hardly anyone ever looks at the importance of doing your RESEARCH! I feel like the best way to...
  2. amyhammond0508

    What Themes will dominate Youtube this year?

    hi guys. i'm fairly new to YTtalk and just interested in what sort of channels/themes you think will become most popular this year. please let me know your opinions!
  3. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Using Reddit for promoting YouTube videos?

    Hi guys, So as a new YouTuber it's really important to share your videos on social media to get some more views.So lot's of people recommended sharing youtube videos on Reddit.It will help you to get more views, so my question is "Is it a good idea to share/promote YouTube on Reddit?".What's...
  4. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Growth after 1k subs?

    Hi guys, Soon my channel going to reach that 1k subs milestone.So I have one questions to ask you guys.Just curious to know.I heard that after 1k subs your channel grow a little bit faster than before.So my question is does after reaching 1k sub you guys see any extra push to your youtube...
  5. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    What's Your Strategy To Grow On YouTube In 2017

    Hi guys, Just want to know what's your YouTube strategy for 2017 for growing channel? For me, it's to make more quality videos, learn to optimize tag & titles, be consistent.
  6. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    What do you guys think about bot comments on YouTube videos?

    For me, it's really annoying!!
  7. Pluto

    Whats your most & least favourite thing about YT and why?

    Title says it all really! Just interested in everyone's opinions. Personally my favourite thing is the community, at its strongest, it can really influence a lot of stuff :) My least favourite thing is trying to grow a small channel, its unrewarding and tough. If you do it, I suppose it's worth...
  8. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Is Youtube Success Just Luck?

    Hello best friends, I just want to ask you guys something Is Youtube Success Just Luck?....I mean most of the time we see small youtubers like me often don't get noticed on youtube.Even we make quality videos,work hard our video not get that many views.So that also take effect on our subscriber...
  9. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Does after reaching 100 subs youtube gain you more traffic?

    Hello best friends, Actually I just see on a forum a person posted that "Once you do hit 100 subscribers youtube will detect you have hit 100 subs and gain you more traffic!".Honestly I never heard about his before.So my question is does after reaching 100 subscriber youtube really gain more...