Incredible log you have complied and made! Honestly, I truly believe a lot of the topics you hit and have discuss. Can be a reassurance to some of us and we can take away much as well! Despite the ups and downs. I would say you have been quite successful in my view at least! I really appreciated reading this honestly! Thanks mate and keep striving for more :)
Thanks buddy, nice to have some feedback. i wouldn't say im successful, but i'm on the right track I hope :)
Keep that positivity up! I always get really excited when someone subscribes to me too! Haha it's like oh my gosh I just got one more friend :)!!! Don't let any negativity get you down and keep aiming to get better :)
Great tips! I just started my channel a couple weeks ago....and I'm definitely getting prepared for people disagreeing with me in the comments (Weight loss channel) since everyone has a different view on how people should be eating. Someone already commented that they didnt agree with the way I was eating and I responded in a polite and upbeat manner. Now of course if its the 10,000 comment like that (If we are ever lucky to get that many comments lol) I probably wont respond at all.
We also got a comment yesterday saying we should kill ourselves, but youtube caught it in the spam filter. My sister told me to be prepared for trolls, and im surprised we got one so quick.